10 Must Have Back to School Supplies for Teachers

10 Must Have Back to School Supplies for Teachers

Oh no! It’s coming…faster than I would like…back to school time. Time to load up on those back to school supplies.  That’s right friends, it’s time to start thinking about sending those sweet little kiddos back to school. That means it’s also time for teachers to start preparing for the year ahead too.  If you’re a teacher, like me, then you already know how important it is for you to be happy in your classroom.  You want to use tools that make you feel happy and allow you to work more efficiently.  So, I’ve created a teacher school supplies must-have list.  These are the things that make me happy and make my job a little easier.

As a side note, these are the very items I purchase myself.  So, to make your life easier, I’ve added a link to each picture as well.  Feel free to click on the image and go directly to Amazon.  Yay for Amazon Prime!  Another idea is to create a classroom wish list that you can share with parents.

1.  Fun pens  ~ Okay, so notes to yourself, notes to students, endless grading and meetings…you need some pens in fun colors.  Here are my all time favorites.  They don’t bleed through papers, there’s a variety of  colors and they are bright.  I LOVE Flair pens!  Moreover, doesn’t everyone?

Back to school supplies for teachers. Flair pens are on my top 10 list..
Back to school supplies for teachers. Flair pens are on my top 10 list..
Back to school supplies for teachers. Flair pens are on my top 10 list..2.  Speaking of pens, I must have some color choice when it comes to writing on my board.  From assignments, to directions, to writing birthday messages, I would be lost without these.  C’mon, you know you would too. 🙂
Back to school supplies for teachers. Expo markers are on my top 10 list..

3.  So, is this silly?  I love these!  They are my favorite, go-to markers for creating class anchor charts.  The smell doesn’t hurt either.  I love the variety of colors for my charts and these do not bleed through to badly.  Seriously I’ve loved them since I was a kid.  All the heart eyes for Mr. Sketch!
Back to school supplies for teachers. Mr. Sketch markers are on my top 10 list..

4.  These protective sleeves are awesome!  I can add whatever game board or practice sheet inside the sleeve.  Kids use dry erase markers to solve the problems.  I get to reuse the page multiple times.  This saves on copies.  While using page protectors like these would work as well,  these pockets are made of heavier plastic and hold up better.  The dry erase pockets are genius!

Back to school supplies for teachers. Dry erase sleeves are on my top 10 list..


5.  I would be lost without this.  Every few years mine starts to get worn and torn and it’s time to replace it.  Why not use a fun color for this very utilitarian product?  I say, add it to the cart!

Back to school supplies for teachers. EZ graders are on my top 10 list..


6.  A very sweet (& generous) parent, bought this for my classroom one year.  It’s held up so well with daily, nerve grinding (for me) use.  Works great and it’s not too loud.  An absolute necessity.  So, if you’re in need of a new sharpener, add this to your list.

Back to school supplies for teachers. Electric pencil sharpeners are on my top 10 list..

7.  I use these every day for the last few years.  I label them with each child’s name/number to assign them a drawer. This is where they store their books,notebooks, etc… to keep their work areas from being cluttered.  It’s awesome because I have a set for each class section I teach.  Of course, they would also work for storing station work, games by unit you teach, supplies for each month of the school year.  Really, the uses for these drawers is endless.  Supplies stay in my room so I never have the “I can’t find my book” issue.   Love, love, love them!
Back to school supplies for teachers. Colored drawer towers are on my top 10 list..

8.  I don’t own this – yet.  However, I’m adding it to my cart right now.   How many times do I have to manually write this at the top of a page?  Now, we can stamp it easy-peasy.  And for $8.69, it is totally worth saving my aggravation. 🙂  Again, I think this is a no-brainer to order.

Back to school supplies for teachers. No name stamp is on my top 10 list..

9.  I admit that this is old school.  However, I do like to keep some paper in  my  room where it is easy for me to get to. I also like having colors separated.  This does the trick.


Back to school supplies for teachers. This paper sorter is on my top 10 list..

10.  I tell my students that this  is the “magic sharpener.”  It is SO QUIET.  It sharpens perfectly and it is SO QUIET.  That must be an important criteria for me.:)  Well, it is terribly disruptive when things are quiet, kids are working, and then the loud grinding of the pencil sharpener disrupts things.  So, this is the only sharpener they are allowed to use during a test.  I cannot even tell you how much I love it.  Bonus, the kids love it because it looks “old fashioned.”

Back to school supplies for teachers. This manual sharpener is on my top 10 list..

11.  And, just for fun – here’s a bonus item.  I’m adding this to my cart as well.  I am loving this self inking stamp with 10 different stamps.  It’s an all-in-one kind of tool that I will use ALL the time.   And for less than $11 it’s a no-brainer for me.  Reviews are great.  Do yourself a favor, and add it to your cart as well.

Back to school supplies for teachers. This stamp set is on my top 10 list..

Well, friends, if you are a teacher, then no doubt you KNOW these are some must-have items for a great school year.  If you are a parent, these would make excellent back to school gifts for your child’s classroom/teacher.  Quite simply, you will not go wrong with any of these…these and maybe a few fun stickers.  If you missed my post on designing  your own, you can find it here.  Plus, no doubt you already know, that a few new supplies just puts a smile on your face.

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  1. Pens are the most amazing thing!! The first one on your list are my absolute favorite! (and the kiddos too, because they always want to steal them) Good luck on the first weeks of school!

  2. I have never tried those pens! I feel like I must try them now! My favorites are the Pilot Gel pens in purple and green! AND…I feel like you just shared with me a treasured secret…never in my life have I seen an EZ grader! Amazing! Thank you!

    More to Mrs. E

    1. Author

      OMG!!! You’ve never seen the EZ grader? How in the world do you get grades? Do you do the math every time? You have just made my day that I helped you with that. Go right now and order yourself one! In fact, I just bought a larger sized one to make it even easier.

      1. Lol! YES! I do the math every time!! I make my own little cheat sheet on a post-it note or set up a “converter” in Excel! You have no idea how shocked I was to read that…all I could think of was, “Ten years…ten years I’ve been doing the math every time!”

        1. Author

          I cannot believe that! That is terrible! I’ve seen them since I was a kid…my teachers always had them. It’s a crime that you didn’t know about it. Well, I have saved you. My job here is done. 🙂

  3. Just jumped over from We are Pinnable to see your awesome list of back to school supplies. I too love the cute and time-saving stamps! Hooray for teachers. Pinning and sharing.

  4. That retro pencil sharpener is really really fun. I fortunately don’t have little ones to put in school anymore, but I do score some new office supplies because there is much more selection and sales.

    1. Author

      Yes, that sharpener is fun. I tell my students it’s the magic sharpener because it is so quiet. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by this week.

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