Hi friend.  I am so glad you’re here!  Monday could not be a better day to talk about this topic.  So tell me, do you ever feel a bit (or maybe a lot) of stress?  Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all you have to do?  Does this happen even if you don’t have a good reason to be?  Welcome to my world. Well, that sounded pretty ridiculous, didn’t it?  Here’s what I mean.  Often I have a hundred ideas floating around in my head.  #it’sactuallyastampede  You know, things I want to do, stuff I MUST do, errands I need to run, things to pick upRead More →

Hello friends!  I am happy you stopped by today.  I am super excited to share with you a new site I found recently that has the most adorable home decor and artwork.   Out shopping recently in a store near my home I found some artwork and was admiring it when I found out it that it was a Sugarboo and Co. design. To be honest,  I fell in love with this simple book quote as a large framed piece of art.  Have you ever had that happen?   When you see something and are truly touched by it?  Well, that’s exactly what happened. As itRead More →

15 Valentine's Ideas

Hello my friend.  I’m glad you stopped by today.  Are you aware that Valentine’s Day is quickly sneaking up on us?  It will be here before you know it.  I hate when a holiday or special occasion sneaks up on me and I am unprepared and scrambling.   Therefore, in order to help you out today I have found some super cute Valentine’s Day crafts and ideas to help you make this day extra special and filled with love.   15 Awesome Valentine’s Day Ideas   1.   Here’s a fun idea if you have any random piles of crayons in your house  – broken orRead More →

Hello friend!  I have got a super easy repurposing project for you today.  When it comes to DIY projects, I am all about quick, easy, and inexpensive.  How ’bout you?  So, I am sure you have noticed that chalkboards are super in right now.  I see them everywhere.  If it’s not an actual chalkboard, it’s a chalkboard print to add to a frame.   I saw a super this cute picture of another blogger’s office and thought to myself….hey I need one of those.  And just like that a project was born. While I would have loved to do a giant chalkboard kind of likeRead More →

stenciled birds on laundry wall

We’ve recently moved into a new home. It is lovely.  I mean what’s not to like about a new house?   Even better,  I was able to select all of the finishes and paint color etc… Still, a new home can be rather lacking in personality. On the other hand, it’s kind of hard to change a lot for fear of messing up your brand new home.  Right? I decided that I would start with my laundry room – it’s small, not a lot of people visit the room besides me.  So, if I messed it up, it wouldn’t be completely tragic.   Also, withRead More →

  On the day I became a mother for the first time, my whole world changed.  Everything shifted.  Suddenly, I was head over heels in love with this tiny baby and would do anything for  him – at any time day or night. (lots of at night 🙂 )  Truly, he brought joy.  He was the greatest thing that ever happened to me, and he gave me a new purpose. I was a career minded woman and gave it all up to stay home full-time with this tiny being.   I didn’t want to miss one moment.  Luckily, that is just what I did.  I was thereRead More →

DIY boxwood wreath compared to store bought

So, have you ever wondered if it’s better to buy “the real deal” vs. DIYing one for yourself? Sometimes I wonder if DIY is always the way to go.   Let’s discuss this.   Have I mentioned that I love to decorate? I love for my home to look the way…well, the way I want it to look.  Like many of you, I scour Pinterest for ideas and pictures of rooms I love.  (Do you follow my boards yet?)  It seems there are always projects to take on, things I want to incorporate into my decor, but maybe I don’t always have the money or WANTRead More →