Jenny Louise Marie So, I was dog-sitting for a friend a week ago.  As I turned on to her street I noticed an adorable pumpkin in one of the yards.  It had the family’s name on it  Then, I noticed that ALL the houses on the street had one.  Right then I knew I had to make my own hand-lettered pumpkin for my front yard.  Can you even imagine how adorable it was to see the whole street with these pumpkins?  Trust me, you need one.  For that matter, so do your neighbors. This is such an easy project, and I can’t wait to share itRead More →

The Halloween Witch was my invention to get rid of all that candy.

Jenny Louise Marie Hi there friends.  I have a confession to make…I invented a holiday tradition out of thin air all in an effort to get rid of all that trick or treat candy.  And, I’m not even sorry.  That’s right.  I concocted the “Halloween Witch.”   For years she visited our home ~ even after my boys did not want to give up their candy.  Let me fill you in. Maybe it was my fear of actually eating all the Halloween candy if left in my home and then gaining weight.  Have I mentioned I’m totally neurotic about that?  Or perhaps it was myRead More →

Jenny Louise Marie Hi there!  If you follow me on Facebook, you know that I saw an adorable pumpkin a few weeks ago, and I said that I would make one for my house by October 1st.  Well, guess what?  I did it!  I have decoupaged an adorable pumpkin to add to my fall decor  It was so super easy and took only about an hour.  So today I am going to show you mine and tell you how you can make your own. First, you need to get a cheap pumpkin – it can be super ugly because you are going to cover it.Read More →