Jenny Louise Marie   Merry Christmas!  It has been my pleasure to start this blog this year and to take you along as I attempt projects, decorating, and entertaining.  I am so thankful for you and that you come here each week to see what I’ve been up to. I am full of new ideas for the new year, but for now, I am signing off.  Hopefully by reading my blog, you know that my heart and soul lies with my family.  They are the MOST important thing to me.  And, son #2 is home for one week and I want to fully enjoy familyRead More →

Jenny Louise Marie Hey there!  I’ve decided to participate in the What’s Up Wednesday Link Up with Sheaffer Told Me To, Mix and Match Mama, and The Larson Lingo.  This is a monthly link up on the third Wednesday of each month where we share what’s up with us lately.  If you’ve never visited these ladies’ blogs, do yourself a favor and go visit.  They give great fashion advice, recipes, and other interesting tidbits.   Here are the questions for each month.   So, let’s get right to it.  What We’re Eating… Well, this week is hectic being the last week of school.  So, we’re keepingRead More →

Jenny Louise Marie Hey there!  I’ve got an idea rolling around in my head that I want to run by you.  If you’re a reader around here then you already know that I am a reader.  I love books and am constantly hunting for the next great read.  In fact, I’ve written about a few books here.   I am in a book club where I meet good friends every month to talk about the book we decided to read that month.  Hearing different opinions is fun and makes the books even more interesting.  So, I wonder if you’d like to join me for an onlineRead More →

Jenny Louise Marie Hi there!  I am so glad you’re here.  Welcome.  Are you enjoying this holiday season?  Or are you swamped with to-do lists and worrying about how to get something for everyone on your list?   Hand-made gifts could be the answer for you ~ especially as Christmas is quickly approaching.  As for me, I have become totally hooked on all the Hallmark Christmas movies this year.  I love every predictable moment of them.  Amazingly, they never seem to get old either! Now, back to today’s topic.  I have really mixed feelings about hand-made gifts. On the one hand they can be less expensiveRead More →

Jenny Louise Marie Don’t you think winter is a wonderful time to curl up and get cozy with a good book?  I do!  I have several books on my wish list ready to download for the upcoming holiday break; however, I’ve recently read a few books as well.   From time to time (like here) I try to share recent reading to help you find a new book.   So today,  I thought I’d share a quick review of my most recent reading.  Maybe you’ll find one here that sounds good. First up on my list is this one, A Man Called Ove.  SO, a friend recommendedRead More →

Jenny Louise Marie I’m not sure where I first saw the favorites party idea.  It was probably Pinterest as it is the database of all great ideas.   I decided this was the year to give it a try.  After much debate, I decided to host a party over the holidays.  Although, I do think there are other times of the year that might work even better.  I reached out to my trust online invitation source and threw together an invitation and sent those off.  I wanted to give plenty of notice to my guests so that they could fit this into their schedule and theirRead More →

Jenny Louise Marie Welcome to my home! Since I love to take a peak into other homes ~ especially at the holidays, i thought it was only fair for me to open my home to you.  I love to peak in and get inspired to try new things or I see an idea that I simply must do in my own home.  Maybe a peak inside my homer will do that for you.  I hope so!  So, welcome to my Christmas Home Tour. As you walk into my home, you’re greeted by this tree.  I’ve covered it in green and gold with touches of burlapRead More →