One Goal for the New Year

One Goal for the New Year

Hello sweet friend.  I am so glad you’re here!  I’ve been thinking a lot about goals lately.  You know, the start of a new year can do that.   It’s good to have a goal, to have something to focus on.  Today I want to put into writing one of my goals for 2017.  Putting it in writing will hold me accountable, and it’s one reason this blog has been created.

Let me take you back in time a few years.  When my boys were young one of  my favorite things to do was to plan their birthday parties.  I LOVE everything about planning parties.  In fact, way back in the dark ages, it was my job ~ planning events.  As my boys have gotten older and outgrown big birthday parties and life has gotten busier, I find that my love of entertaining has fallen to the side.

A few months ago I was reading For the Love by Jennifer Hatmaker (do yourself a favor, get this book immediately).  One of the things she writes about is the importance of community and having your friends in your home – showing hospitality.  She gives all kinds of really good reasons why we should be having people in our homes.  BAM!  Just like that, a goal was born.


Therefore, my goal for 2017, and I hope you’ll follow along on this journey, is to entertain in my home once every month this year.  Now, not every gathering will be a “party.”   Some gatherings will be simple dinners with friends or a simple happy hour in my home.  Whatever each month brings, I promise to share with you how I plan it, what goes in to putting it all together, and photos of how it all turns out.  You can even borrow my plan and make it your own.  We can both be gathering our people every month this year!

Not my house or my friends, but you get the idea.


I am planning on hosting a hot chocolate bar in January and a Super Bowl party in February.  I have lots of fun ideas for the coming months.  Stick with me.  This is sure to be fun.  So, what do you say?  Are you in?  What kind of parties would you like help planning?  Comment below and share what you’re thinking.


  1. What a fun commitment! I want to come to one!

    1. Thanks! You can help hold me accountable too. You’re ALWAYS welcome.

  2. What a super fun goal! I want to come to one! We will find a sitter and an uber! What fun!

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