Art Picks for the Home

blue and turquoise abstract

Art Picks for the Home

Hello friends!  I am so glad you’re here today.  Normally, I hope to offer you something that you find useful.  Sometimes it is a book recommendation.  Other times it might be a home project.  Today, I am giving you my top picks for some beautiful artwork and asking for your help in selecting a few.  Like me, if you’re in need of art for your walls, I can help save you some time because I have scoured the internet to find some great choices.

First, I should preface my selections by telling you that I find myself drawn to abstract works lately.  They are open to your interpretation and what you bring to the work.  I find them intriguing and I love the bold color in the ones I’ve chosen to share with you.

I’ve mentioned before that I have lived in our home about a year.  With all the expenses of moving and getting settled, art has been one of the last things on our minds.  However, I think I’m ready to tackle this very important addition to our home.  I am needing to add bold pops of color and add some personality to our gray walls.  Okay, so ready to help me pick?  Here we go:

These prints I found on

pink and navy abstract art

This one is called Close.  I love the bold color ~ especially the pink. 🙂

pink peony flower print

This one is called Fresh Bloom.  I love that this is so feminine.  Perhaps in a house full of men, I need a little more pink in my life ~ clearly I am sensing a trend here.


Next, I found some really beautiful prints on Etsy.  Have you ever looked there?  Truly, you can find some great stuff there.  These next three pieces are from Parima Creative Studio.

blue and white abstract print

This one is called Luna.  I love the deep blue hue and white.


abstract art

This one is Felicity.

sketched nude in blue

This last one is called Seated in Blue.  I think this would be beautiful in a bedroom or bathroom.  I love the sketch quality and the touch of blue.


Similarly, these next two are from Duealberi on Etsy as well.  These have more color in them and leave a lot to your imagination.

abstract art


pinks and gray abstract


The next two prints are from VivianCaits on Etsy.

blue marbled abstract print

This one is called Blue Abstract.  The prints for this one start at just $75.  I love the watery feel of this one and the blue color.

blue and turquoise abstract

Okay, I adore this one.  I love the blues and turquoise colors in this one especially right against that bright white.

Finally, I also found some potential winners at Joss and Main online.  What do you think of these?

This one is so colorful!  It’s called Inside Her Eyes.  And you know I love that pink!blue stripes with gold burst art

Of course, here is more of that blue that I love.  The first one is called Love Force Field and the second is More Than Love.  That one reminds me of a slice of agate.  I love the natural feel of it.  And again, it’s that blue that I’m loving plus the pop of gold.  I wouldn’t mind a little glam.

And here is New Yorker in Spring.  Its bright, bold colors make me happy.abstract with pink and white

So what do you think?  All of these pieces are really affordable and you have flexibility on the size you order.  On the prints you could “dress them up” with a more formal style frame or you could with a simple museum like frame for a modern, clean feel.  So, I have three art niches along my stairs, and I would love to find three pieces that could work together, but be different as well.  What are your  picks?  Come on, help a sister out…help me narrow down these choices.  Or maybe you have some other suggestions for me.  Comment below and let me know!




  1. I LOVE the VivianCaits prints, so tranquil. While they don’t really coincide, I am also a huge fan of Close! #fdflinkparty

    1. Author

      Yes Lori. I love them too. I’ll be sure to post when I finally get some of the art in my home! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I love the one called Luna. I also love the one with the blues and turquoise, so pretty. I think my favorite one though is the piece that looks like agate. Wow! Thank you for sharing at Link It Up Wednesday, hope to see you next week!

  3. Gorgeous choices! Featuring when my link party opens up tonight!

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