August 9th Hodgepodge

August 9th Hodgepodge

Hi there friends.  How are you and how’s your week?  I have discovered a Netflix show this past week that I have binge watched it for HOURS.  I could be ashamed at this blatant waste of time, but hey…it’s the end of my summer and I’m soaking it in.  Have you watched Bloodline?  It’s one of those you can’t stop watching.  Check it out.  Anyway, today I’m sharing this week’s Hodgepodge questions. You know, where I link up with Joyce from From This Side of the Pond and other bloggers to answer some random questions.  So let’s jump right in.

1. Do you try to set rules for yourself about how you use your time? Explain.

No, not really.  I am pretty motivated to be productive and get things done on my own.  I also am a big list maker & checker offer ( I know, let’s pretend those are real words) so I really don’t need to make up ‘rules’ to follow.  I’d be the only one enforcing them anyway.

2. Monday was National Lighthouse Day. Have you ever visited a lighthouse? If not, do you have any desire to see one up close? Of the 10 Most Beautiful that made this list which would you most like to see in person-

Lindau Lighthouse (Germany), Fanad Lighthouse (Ireland), Portland Head Light (Maine), Yaquina Bay Light (Oregon) The St. Augustine Light (Florida), Peggys Point Lighthouse (Canada), Start Point Lighthouse (England), Tower of Hercules (Spain), Bass Harbor Head Station (Maine), and White Shoal Light (Michigan)

Yes, I have visited several lighthouses.  A couple of years ago we vacationed in the Outer Banks of North Carolina and saw some lovely lighthouses.  Now that I’ve seen a few, I don’t have any big desire to see any more.  They’re kind of all the same…  seen one?  you’ve seen them all kind of thing.  However, if I were to pick from the list I would pick Fanad in Ireland.  However, that’s just because I’d really like to visit Ireland.

When you’ve been away, what’s your ‘lighthouse’ telling you you’re on the right road home?

Hmm…this got deep…  I guess this means if you’ve been ‘lost’ how do you know you’re back on the right track.   At least that’s how I’m reading it.  I guess a sense of peace let’s me know I’m headed in the right direction.  I find that if I am restless or worried about something then it’s usually a clue that I’m not on the right track.


3. What have you unintentionally stopped doing? Is this something you need to pick back up and begin again, or is it something you need to let go of for now (or even permanently)?

I have unintentionally stopped using my planner.  Yikes!  Yes, I need to pick that back up and get myself organized and on top of things.  I find that I go back and forth between trying to keep things in a planner and/or on my phone.  In my heart I am a paper and pen kind of girl; however, technology sure can make some things easier.

4. We’ve had a full week of August. Share a GRAND moment from your month so far.

I went to a party for some very dear friends this past week.  It gave me a chance to reconnect with a lot of old friends who I love and have lost touch with over the years.  Anyway, they had a fantastic party with a view of the lake.  Love was in the air as we celebrated birthdays and cocktails were flowing.  It was a GRAND evening.


5. Tell us one song you love with the word ‘baby’ in the title.

It’s a classic, right?

But I love this one.

6. Insert your own random thought here.

I have loved this summer.  Every lazy day, afternoon at the pool, craft project, binged TV show, book I’ve read, and our family vacay.  I will miss you sweet summer, but now it’s time for me to start thinking of the school year ahead.

Until next time~


  1. I’m glad that you have enjoyed your summer and that party, Jenny. 🙂 I haven’t binge watched anything in years, but our daughter does it fairly often. I like to be productive, too, but feel like most of my time is wasted trying to remember what I am supposed to be doing. 🙂

    Have a blessed weekend!

    1. Author

      Thanks Suzanne. Yes, I relate to trying to remember what I was supposed to be doing. ha! Have a great week.

  2. Stopping in from Wednesday Hodge Podge. Loved your music choice. Baby I need your loving is one of my favorites. I guess I am showing my age.

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