Biggest Challenge EVER

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Biggest Challenge EVER

Dear friends, I have decided to take on the biggest challenge today. Nope, not motherhood. Been there, done that. Nope, not going back to school. Done that too. No, not getting married. I’m a veteran. #notchallengingatall #sarcasm “What could this big challenge be?” you ask. It’s the Whole 30. Don’t laugh – this is a HUGE challenge AND I consider myself a healthy eater to start. So, how hard could it be? Well, in all honesty I have no clue.



Still, with the rules including, no sugar, no alcohol, no grains, no dairy, nothing with sulfites just to start, I’d say it’s going to be hard. Why would I do this to myself? Well, I’ve decided that  feeling healthier is a must.   As we age we begin to notice all kinds of changes. Let’s just say that I think my body could stand improving. And, I’m not just talking about my appearance or weight. #let’snotgothere To make things even more fun (?), I’ve decided to take Hubby along for this ride. I thought it would be fun to endure the challenge together. I’m thinking of it like a bonding experience.


In truth this all started, like many other ideas, while reading some other blogs. There were a group of bloggers who were all writing about this challenge they did together. They made it sound so doable. (kinda like TV makes real life look easy) So, I immediately emailed Hubby and said, “Want to do this with me?” How could he refuse?


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Before he responded, I ordered the book here and started reading. The book explains they how and why to do the Whole30. I honestly got excited about it as I was reading, and I started imagining how good we would feel and how energized we would be. Moreover, I anxiously await Hubby’s sure to come, new-found energy. He tends to fall asleep every night while watching TV. L (heavy sign)

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I am posting this publicly so I am held even more accountable AND because if you’ve experienced the Whole30, I’d love to hear your advice and success stories. I’d really love to hear that the next 30 days will be so worth it.   It’s 10am on day 1 and so far so good ~ even though I’ve had to give up my coffee. #can’tdoitwithoutcreamer #ImissyouStarbucks


I am thinking I can give you a recap each week of how we’re doing and let you know what recipes we’ve tried and what we’re eating. So, please, please, share your ideas with me too. Until next week….



  1. Wow, this diet sounds super restrictive. I would literally fall over dead. I’m rooting for you though! Good luck with it, I hope you get the results you’re looking for! #bloggybrunch

  2. Best of luck to you! People think that what my family does (just eat real food) is hard, but i’m always impressed by people who can do whole 30. Dairy and grains are my love language, lol. 😉

    1. Author

      Hi Brenna. Thanks for stopping by. It hasn’t been too hard so far. We’ll see how we do for 30 days!

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