Boxwood Wreath DIY vs. Store Bought

DIY boxwood wreath compared to store bought

Boxwood Wreath DIY vs. Store Bought

So, have you ever wondered if it’s better to buy “the real deal” vs. DIYing one for yourself? Sometimes I wonder if DIY is always the way to go.   Let’s discuss this.   Have I mentioned that I love to decorate? I love for my home to look the way…well, the way I want it to look.  Like many of you, I scour Pinterest for ideas and pictures of rooms I love.  (Do you follow my boards yet?)  It seems there are always projects to take on, things I want to incorporate into my decor, but maybe I don’t always have the money or WANT to spend that much on whatever it is.  Seriously the list is endless and money is not.

One thing I always admire in pictures is a beautiful boxwood wreath.  I mean they are such a pretty shade of green.  They bring the outdoors in.  They have a lovely circular design and go in any style of decor.  I LOVE them!  However, have your priced a boxwood wreath?  I’ve seen some for (at least what I think is) a lot of money.  I would look at those high price tags and think, “Why does it cost that much?”  Here are some lovely examples for $49.94 and $59.95.

Circular shaped box wood wreath hanging with ribbon
square shaped boxwood wreath

And this lovely wreath is $115.

circle boxwood wreath hung by ribbon in front of mirror


So, I saw an idea ~ probably on Pinterest – where all good ideas come from.  The idea was to take a boxwood garland and a wreath form and make your own boxwood wreath.  I mean how hard could that be?  Not hard at all.  So, I thought I had a solution to my “I want a boxwood wreath, bu

Plastic boxwood garland
I know ~ crappy picture….sorry.

t don’t want to pay for it” dilemma.  Off I headed to the craft store for a garland and a wire wreath form.


Boxwood Wreath DIY

I wasn’t happy with the selection of garlands.  They felt plasticky and I wasn’t at all “sold” on them, but it was all they had and I was determined to make it.  Also, for an investment of a mere $15, I didn’t have much to lose.  You can find the garland I used and the wreath form here.  The project itself was super easy.  You just wind the garland onto the form.  You can use florist wire to secure the garland onto the form or sometimes you can you the garland itself as the wire by twisting the “branches” around the wire form.



So, I twisted and wired the garland onto a square wreath form.  I thought I was being so original using a square instead of a circle.  Here is what my finished product looks like.

Okay, it doesn’t always ‘live’ here, but you get the idea.



Store Bought Boxwood Wreath

Fast forward a few months.  I was at Target and saw this baby.  It wasn’t that much.  I think I paid about $40.  So, apparently in wreath world, $40 is not that much to spend.  It is a preserved boxwood and a beautiful shade of green.


Preserved circlular boxwood wreath

Well, of course I had to have it! It was as if the heavens opened up and angels were singing.  That wreath needed to come home with me.  Besides, I thought one more boxwood, one more touch of green wouldn’t be too much.  So, I hung it in my dining room.   Here’s what I did with it.


SO, the question is, what do you think?  Which is a better look?  I personally like the wreath from Target better, and am left wondering if a DIY is always the way to go – even on super easy projects?

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