Easter Table 3 Ways

Easter table 2

Easter Table 3 Ways

Hello friends!  We are officially into spring and well on our way to Easter Sunday.  I don’t know about you, but Easter is definitely one of those days when my family gathers together to celebrate.  I love to host our family celebrations, and I like to make things special.  This includes setting  a beautiful table for our guests.  So, today, I’d like to show you three ideas for dressing up your Easter table.  However these ideas will also work for a simple luncheon or any kind of dinner party.

Table 1

For this table, I wanted something simple and pretty.  So, I chose to use a floral table runner and faux grass mats as placemats.  My grandmother’s china that was gifted to me was incorporated as well.  I love the rose pattern. It feels so feminine and springy to me.

antique rose pattern china used to set a Easter table


I also, decided to put together a simple floral centerpiece in a soup tureen that I already had on hand.  Since, the tureen is rather big I added some faux flowers in with the real ones.  Can you tell which are which?

floral centerpiece of table 1 for Easter


As you can see, to ‘fill out’ the table, I added some bunnies that I’ve collected over the years and a few Easter eggs as well.

table 1 for 3 ways to set an Easter table

table 1 place setting


bunnies decorating Easter table


This was a pretty simple, but elegant table.  I think it for when you just want to knock up the usual a little.  It’s not so fancy that the table feels formal thanks to the grass mats and the playful bunnies.  For table 2, I knocked things up a little more.

Table Two

For this table, I decided to make it a little more formal in the feeling of it.  The flowers stretch down the center of the table, and I pulled out more formal china.  However, I am still using items I have on hand.

First, I decided to work on the centerpiece of the table.  I’ve used this idea for a lot of occasions.  So, I moved my faux grass into the center of the table to make a runner.  Next, I added a small flower arrangement in the center.  However, for this table, I want it to feel more lavish, so I take flowers down the center of the table using florists foam and green moss.



The trick here is again, combining real with faux flowers.  And gong longer rather than wider for the arrangement.  Here you can see the “back” of the arrangement before I added the moss.


backside of flower arrangement for Easter table


So, that florists foam is definitely not attractive, but don’t worry.  It al gets covered up with the moss and I even add a green satin runner through the arrangement for another texture.


centerpiece of table 2


As you can see I also tucked in some Easter eggs and small bunnies and chicks are scattered along the base.


Easer table with small eggs and bunnies


Now, for the place settings.  I used my china, which has a dark green and gold rim.  Next, I added these adorable floral bunny plates that I found at Home Goods recently.  I stacked them together and added a linen napkin into each place setting.  Then, I set the whole setting onto a linen and lace placemat.

china place setting for Easter table


And, here are a few shots of the finished table.


Easter table 2




So, this one is my favorite table.  I love the look of the flowers all down the center of the table.  I also lay a few stems on the table as well.  Every place setting gets a good view of the flowers rather than just the person in the center of the table.  You could also add fruit into this look.  I think for an evening party, I would still use flowers, but would also incorporate grapes as well.

table 2 for Easter


Table 3

So, for table three I went a completely different direction.  When I host family I have to keep in mind my young nieces and nephews.  Also, when I was growing up there was always a ‘kid’ table.  I never liked that, but sometimes it just makes more sense.  I think I would have liked it better when I was a kid if the table felt special too and not just a card table in the corner.  So, for this table, I made it more  of a kid table.

I used bright striped wrapping paper to create a wide runner in the center of the table.  I used my everyday pottery dishes rather than china; however, I still added the adorable bunny plates as well.  I switched out the crystal wine glasses for some clear plastic glasses that are kid sized.  Still, I wanted to make the table feel festive.  I opted not to do a big flower arrangement.  Rather, I added a simple stem into a glass bottle and scattered 4 of them down the center of the table along with all kinds of bunnies, eggs, and chicks.

Easter table 3 set for kids


Easter table 3 decor items


One thing I love about the items on the table that I used is that they are meaningful to me.  They are items from when my boys were younger.  In fact, the little popsicle cross was something one of them made for me one Easter.  I love having these little mementos.


table 3 for Easter


You can also see that I used several containers to show off colorful eggs, including that same soup tureen from the first table.


table 3 set for Easter and kids


Another item on the table that I love when I am having guests is the silverware caddy.  It has 4 square, glass containers that are held by the metal frame.  I love adding each type of silverware to it, and then using the fourth section for fresh flowers.


silverware caddy with purple tulips set for Easter table


flower for table 3


I hope one of these ideas give you some inspiration for creating your own beautiful table this Easter.  Sometimes all I need is to see someone else’s ideas.  They give me a jumping off place and I can tailor it for what I need.  I hope these photos can do that for you.  I love to hear from readers, so don’t forget to comment below and make sure to subscribe to my email list so that you can each post delivered to your inbox.


Until next time!









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