Easy DIY Fall Faux Floral

Here's how to make a fall floral arrangement to transition into the new season.

Easy DIY Fall Faux Floral

Hello friends!  I am so happy you stopped by today.  I am a little late in jumping into the Celebrating Fall Blog Hop, but wanted to join the fun anyway. 🙂  I was asked to share some sort of fall idea – decor, recipe, etc..  I really wanted to participate, but have not been ready for pumpkins — yet.  It’s still in the high 90s around here!  So,  today I’m sharing a floral arrangement I came up with for fall that’s not full of oranges and browns.  Instead, I’m easing into fall.  Maybe this faux floral DIY will inspire you to make your own.

You might remember that I gathered some great ideas for fall decorating and shared them here.  One idea I loved was using dried hydrangeas with white pumpkins.  I took that idea and created a faux floral arrangement.  Right now it sits on my coffee table, but this would also make a great centerpiece.

I created a faux floral arrangement for fall. Here's how to make one too.

This little project took me just about half an hour to do and it cost just a few dollars, especially if you catch the flowers on sale.  I used faux hydrangeas and a greenery bush that I cut apart.  I also picked up a few small pumpkins as well.  The florist foam  I already had as well as green moss to cover the foam.

I created a faux floral arrangement for fall. Here's how to make one too.


Since I wasn’t sue how this was going to turn out and if I would want to have it around for a while, I decided not to cut the hydrangea stems too short.  I needed them to fit into the container, but decided I could bend them  instead.  That way if I wanted to change things up, I still had that option.

I created a faux floral arrangement for fall. Here's how to make one too.

I started by sitting some greenery into the container, and then began adding the hydrangea stems.

I created a faux floral arrangement for fall. Here's how to make one too.


Once the stems were in place, I inserted sprigs of greenery to kind of fill in any empty spaces.  I used the small pumpkins as filler as well as to hold the hydrangeas in place.

I created a faux floral arrangement for fall. Here's how to make one too.


The whole process took me about a half hour.  Not only do I love the touch of fall without using bright-colored pumpkins, I also love that I can take the entire thing apart and reuse the parts in another setting if I decide to.

I created a faux floral arrangement for fall. Here's how to make one too.


I created a faux floral arrangement for fall. Here's how to make one too.


Who knows, maybe as we get closer to Halloween or Thanksgiving I will fill this whole thing with traditional pumpkins and gourds.  But for now, I think it’s a perfect transition into fall while we are still really warm here in Texas.   What do you think?

Just in case you would like to make something similar, I’ve found a similar dough bowl.  It’s a really versatile piece and I enjoy using it in different ways.

Amazon has one here.


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  1. These dough bowls are so gorgeous. I love that they are rustic but you don’t have to have a farmhouse or a cabin to use them. They are very much on my shopping list so versatile and nice.

    1. Author

      Thanks Leanna! Yes, I do love it. I found mine at an antiques ‘fesitval.’ It’s not an antique really, but I love the look anyway.

  2. Such a pretty idea! I like how easily it could be adapted for different seasons without having to completely redo everything. And I know what you mean about the weather. We’re in Florida and it doesn’t feel like fall! I had a short trip (aka evacuation) to Tennessee that got me a little more in the “celebrating fall” mood.

    1. Author

      ha ha. I love that you called it a ‘vacation’ ~ you must have a really good attitude! Thanks for your kind words. Yes, give me another week or two and I’ll be pumpkined up. 🙂

  3. Jenny, it’s such a beautiful Arrangement! I know what you mean about the weather being warm! I am also in Texas! What part are you in?

    1. Author

      Thank you Jeannee! I am in DFW. You? I see that you’re a vintage furniture painter. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to do that, but have a hard time finding pieces. Any tips on where to find stuff?

  4. I am in Temple. It is hard to find pieces. Waco having so many farmhouse style furniture shops it is hard. They have people out at yard sales and estate sales snatching the stuff up for more than you and i would dare to pay! I have been in bidding wars with them. they go back to waco with truckloads at a time. Estate sales are still the best option. if you could cross over to oklahoma you may be able to get some good pieces!

  5. It’s gone very suddenly very autumnal here in the UK so it’s hard to imagine you still have such warm temperatures! This is so pretty and I love how versatile you have kept everything. Those hydrangeas will be so useful for other things with their long stems .

    1. Author

      Thanks very much Julie. Yes, I am all about repurposing some items to use in other ways. You may see them make another appearance in the spring. 🙂 As for the warm temps….I am completely over them!

  6. Jenny, that’s a lovely arrangement! How many hydrangea blossoms did you use altogether? I tho’t I saw three but wondered if there were more. I really like the subdued tones and would like to duplicate it. Where did you shop for the hydrangeas? They are such beautiful, subtle colors.

    Nice entry into the Fall season!

    1. Author

      Thank you Naomi. I bought my hydreangeas at Michaels craft store, but I saw some at Hobby Lobby as well. I used a total of 6 ~ 3 of the creamy pink color and 3 of the greenish color. I then added greenery to fill in along with some gourds. Hope this helps. I’d love to see how your turns out. 🙂

  7. Thanks for sharing this with us at the Waste Not Wednesday Link Party. Can’t wait to see what else you have been up to this week. Also, I chose this post as my feature of the week. 🙂

  8. This is stunning and can go all the way through Thanksgiving. Featuring when my party opens up tonight!

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