Fun and Easy Wall Covering

Fun and Easy Wall Covering

I have mentioned before (here) that I have lived in my home for about a year.  It’s a new home that we built and it’s lovely.  However, new homes sometimes also mean – lacking personality.  They need to have your own personal touch added to them.  We want our homes to be a reflection of who we are.  Our homes should make us feel happy to spend time in them.

One room that I wanted to add some personality to is our upstairs half bath.  This is a room off our gameroom and media room.  It’s small.  Therefore, it was also an easy room to give a little somethin somethin to.  I wanted it give it a little fun and a little glam.  After all, this is a room many guests will visit while in my home.  I chose a very shiny black marble tile for the floor.  The vanity has a bowl sink on top of the countertop.  So, I was already half way there.

Still, I wanted to do something with the walls.  Taking a cue from some favs from Kate Spade and some pictures I’ve seen in magazines and online, I decided to add a shower of polka dots to the walls.  A fuller scattering of polka dots at the ceiling level and then falling down the wall.  Hopefully, as they fall it looks less and less heavy.

gold and silver polka dots wall covering

Here’s How to Polka Dot Your Wall

To complete this project, I used my Silhouette Cameo and some metallic vinyl.  I cut two-inch circles in silver and in gold, and used four sheets of 12×24″ vinyl.  I order mine here.  Sorry, I don’t have any pics for this project in progress as I did it a few months ago. 🙁  Still, this is super easy and I’m sure you can figure it out.  I simply added the vinyl circles to the wall, making sure to press down firmly.  My wall has a light texture to it, but the circles had no problem sticking to the wall.

gold and silver polka dots wall covering
This is the lower part of the wall near the baseboards.

However, I will say that I had to go back and tweak the walls several times.  Standing back from the wall and looking at all I had added, I would see “holes” where I needed some more dots.  So, I would simply pull in my step stool and fill the holes.  The great thing about this project is that you can easily tweak where needed.  The vinyl peels off easily if you need to move it.

gold and silver polka dots wall covering

I think I paid about $8 a sheet for the vinyl.  Cutting the circles with my Cameo took just a few minutes.  Adding the dots to the wall is just like using stickers ~ peel off the backing and stick to the wall.  I would say you could tackle this project in about an hour and for less than $40.  So, when I get tired of this look and want to change it, I do not have much invested in it at this point.  I will have no problem removing the dots and doing something different.

gold and silver polka dots wall covering

I am super happy with how this turned out.  The polka dots give the room a somewhat whimsical touch and the metallic is a little glam.  So, what do you think?  Is this a project you might try?  It would also be cute in a child’s bedroom and in different colors.  Comment below and share some projects you’ve done.  I’ve got more rooms in my home to do still and could use suggestions.


  1. Love your dots! When my kids were little I decorated their bathroom with Mickey Mouse and painted red and yellow dots on the wall. That was before the days of cutting vinyl with Cameos or Cricuts!

  2. Your dots are so playful. Personally I am addicted to gold polka dots, this is fun and whimsical. Thank you for sharing your project.

    1. Author

      Oh, that’s so nice Leanna. Thanks so much. I love polka dots too. I think the dots are fun and the gold is kind of glam. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Love this idea! Definitely adds a little glam. Thank you for sharing at Link It Up Wednesday!

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