Entry Makeover

Entry Makeover

Hi there!  I am glad you stopped by today.  So, I was thinking recently that I was ready to start making my mark on my home.  We built our home about a year ago and since that time it just felt too new and perfect to make any real changes (except for the one I wrote about here).  However, after a year I guess the newness has worn off enough for me to begin tweaking things and adding my personal touch.

So, what to start with?… There are certainly lots of things I’d like to do, but what should I tackle first?  I decided that I wanted to start with my entry.  It is after all the first thing people see when I open my front door.  I want it to  make a statement about our home and feel welcoming.  Also, it is small enough to tackle and complete in one short weekend.  (Aren’t they all short?)

curved wall with small table and chair

My entry has a curved staircase which is really pretty.  It also has a curved alcove at the bottom of the stairs.  I loved this feature, but felt like I could make it stand out a little better.  You know, play up the features you like.   One way to do this is to stripe the alcove and make that curve stand out.  So that’s what I did.



taped wall with paint

Striping the wall made a bold statement in that space ~ which is great.  Next up, I had a small round, gray  table that sat in that space.  With the bold stripes it just kind of blended in and felt blah to me.  So, onto project number two.

gray striped wall

I decided to paint the table top in a bold color to a dd a pop to the space.  I love the calming grays and neutrals I have throughout my home, but I also love color.  Adding a pop here and there keep the space from feeling too neutral and boring, but at the same time keeps it from feel like a Rainbow Bright space.  I painted the table top with Annie Sloan Chalk paint in Antibes green.  I love green and I love how fresh it feels next to the stripes.

Next on the list to do was to accessorize the space.  The table is not very large, but I did want to add a tray to catch mail and keys as needed.  I bought this one at Home Goods and love the touch of gold distressing on it.

white letter tray with gold distressing

white letter tray with gold distressing

I have also learned that a pop of black in a space is always a good thing.  So, I added a lamp with a black shade as well.  After that I put my Valentine’s Day print back on the table.  Boom!  Entry hall made over in a short weekend, and I love it.

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