Games for a Family Road Trip or Game Night

We took a family road trip and found some great games to pass the time.

Games for a Family Road Trip or Game Night

Hello friends!  How are you?  We are settling into a new year’s school routine around here.  That means we are much shorter on time.  It also means I am fondly remembering our summer vacation.  If you don’t know, we took a family road trip this year.  you can read more about that here.  I smile whenever I think of how much fun we had and all the games we played.  If you’re anything like me, then you are all about making special memories with your family and sometimes it’s the smallest things that do that.  Like playing some games.

Have you ever done a family road trip?  They can be so fun and trying at the same time.  Happily they are easier now that my boys are older and we don’t have to stop as often for bathrooms or settling them down.  However, believe me, we paid our dues on that front.  Anyway, a road trip requires a certain amount of keeping the kids entertained while they’re young, and maybe cashing in on the limited time you have with your older kids.

Wherever you are on the spectrum with your kids, we found some super fun games while on our trip.  We wandered into a small boutique in Acata, California and found them on display.  We couldn’t decide which one to buy, so we played a few to help us make our decision.  It didn’t help.  We ended up having to have several. 🙂

We had so fun that we played them all for hours ~ a lot of friendly, family competition.  These games are awesome because they are small and easy to pack.  They are simple enough to play in the car ~ no board or dice needed.  They are engaging ~ even for those kids who typically don’t want to play along.  Honestly, we had a blast, and I am adding the ones we didn’t buy to our Christmas list.  They’ll make fantastic stocking stuffers.

When we got back, I knew I wanted to see if I could locate those games to stock up on the ones we didn’t get.  Wouldn’t you know that they are available through Amazon?  Isn’t everything??  So, below I’ve added the games that we played on or road trip.  I’ve also added a couple that look great.  You can click on the image if you’d like to head right to Amazon and put them in your cart.


Road Trip Games


These are awesome family road trip games.


This is a movie trivia game.  It’s called Movie Buff.  The questions are all over the board ~ characters, titles, settings, actors, you name it.  You can play hard-core or play using the multiple choices offered.    There is even a 50/50 option to make it a little easier.

These are awesome family road trip games.


Link It is a game where you are given clues and you try to figure out how they are linked together.  The object is to guess the link in the least amount of clues.  You have paper and pencils to play, but we did it out loud in the car.

These are awesome family road trip games.

This is similar to the Link It game.  Here you are given clues about a person.  The object is to guess the person in the least amount of clues.  There are few ways you can play this game, and all are fun.

These are awesome family road trip games.


This game is called 80’s Pop Music.  It’s similar to the others in that you are answering trivia and given answer choices.  There is also a 90’s version as well.  We didn’t play this game.  We found a similar game where you’re given the lyrics to a song and you have to guess the next line.  I didn’t see that one on Amazon though.  That one was tough for us.  There is a metallic song version  though if that’s your genre.


These are awesome family road trip games.


Again, I didn’t see this one in the store we visited.  I found this Football version on Amazon.  Since I live in a house of men you can bet this will be in my cart for the holidays.  I actually know a few people who would love this one.  There is a baseball version as well if that’s your sport.

Truly I have no involvement with this company.  I just fell in love with the games and the memories we made while playing them.  They are not too expensive and they’re great player against player or team vs. team.  They would also be fun at parties.  If your family enjoys games or if you have a road trip in your future, you should definitely add one or two to your list of things to get.

Well, that does it for me.  Tell me, have you found any awesome activities to pass the time while on a road trip?  How do you engage your kids while in the car?  I’d love to hear about any of your tips or tricks.  So, tell me below in the comments.  And, as usual, if you want to make sure you don’t miss a post, please join my email list here.


Until next time~


  1. These all sound so fun! We have a car scavenger hunt game that we sometimes bring along to play and we enjoy using those brain game trivia packs to help pass the time too. Pinning.

    1. Author

      Ooh. The scavenger hunt sounds fun. Yes, there is a trivia version of these games too. They are really great. 🙂

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