The Halloween Witch – How I got rid of the candy

The Halloween Witch was my invention to get rid of all that candy.

The Halloween Witch – How I got rid of the candy

Hi there friends.  I have a confession to make…I invented a holiday tradition out of thin air all in an effort to get rid of all that trick or treat candy.  And, I’m not even sorry.  That’s right.  I concocted the “Halloween Witch.”   For years she visited our home ~ even after my boys did not want to give up their candy.  Let me fill you in.

Maybe it was my fear of actually eating all the Halloween candy if left in my home and then gaining weight.  Have I mentioned I’m totally neurotic about that?  Or perhaps it was my desire to be the “best mom” (what is that anyway?) and not allow my kids to eat all that sugar.  Or maybe I just wanted all the good candy for myself.  Whatever the reason, they say necessity is the mother of invention ~ so it must have been necessary to invent the Halloween Witch.

That’s right.  For years, I told my children that the witch would come on Halloween night and they were to leave their candy outside for her.  Later, she would visit and take the candy, replacing it with a surprise.  And, just like that…the candy would disappear.

Let me clarify…the Halloween Witch was not scary.  In truth, she was like the Santa of October.  My boys were allowed to select a certain number of pieces of candy to keep.  Then, the rest they would put on our doorstep n their trick-or-treating bags.  After they were safely asleep the witch would arrive and whisk away the candy.  In its place she left them a new toothbrush, some cozy new PJs for the cooler months, and a few other goodies that they would like.

Later, the next morning, my boys would bound down the stairs to see what had been left.  They were always excited to find their surprises.  And you know what?  They never missed any of that candy and I was happy to donate it or send with Mr. LouiseMarie to work….or eat some of it maybe. #kitkatsaredelicious #I’llnevertell

So, there you have it ~ my brilliant Halloween idea.  The Halloween Witch was just one my inventions to make my boys’ childhood a little more magical (and dare I say, healthy?).  I guess it really was all a big lie.  So if you have a problem with fibbing to your kids, then this isn’t for you.  As for me… #notsorry.  If you’d like to capitalize on the Halloween Witch, feel free.  I think it’s one of the best ideas I came up with. 🙂

How about you?  Have you had any brilliant (or not so brilliant) ideas for your kids?  I’d love to hear about them.  On the other hand, I’d really love to hear if you ever did anything like this that you now regret.  So, talk to me in the comments below.

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  1. HAHAHA!! I love this idea! My 6 and 9 year old might go for it but I think my 12 year old would have to pretend to go along with it for his younger sisters. He is a good sport.. so I will have to work on him:) This is such a cute idea. Yes, the candy on Halloween is excessive and creates lots of little piles of wrappers that I find hidden all over the house for the next couple of months.. sigh! AND HYPER KIDS!!! My son came home with 5 lbs. for himself last year. We weighed it on the scale. I clearly need to do something..haha!! Thanks for the idea. Saw it at the funtastic friday party. pinned:)

    1. Author

      I am so glad you like the idea! Yes, recruit your 12 year old to help “make magic” for his sisters. Happy you stopped by.

  2. What a great idea! We don’t need candy hanging around for weeks. Thanks for linking up at the Ultimate Pinterest Party this past week!

  3. That’s a good idea! I manage the Halloween candy (and other holidays’ candy) the same way my parents did: Eat what you want on the holiday, but then it goes up in the top of the cupboard and you can have one piece a day after you eat your dinner. Parents can have one piece a day, too! You can read more about it and see what’s in the top of my cupboard right now in my article on 5 habits for lifelong healthy eating!

    1. Author

      That’s a good idea. I am afraid I would be sneaking the candy for myself all the time! I’ll definitely hop over and check out your article.

  4. haha what a fun idea! I would be afraid other kids at school or something would spoil it by talking about the Halloween Witch NOT coming to their place.



  5. I have never heard of this idea before! I think it is a brilliant idea!

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