Hodgepodge 3

Hodgepodge 3

EI am excited to participate in this week’s Hodgepodge from  From This Side of the Pond.  I haven’t even read the questions yet so you and I will get to go through them together.   🙂  So, let’s see what this week’s questions are.


1. ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’  What’s something you’ve seen recently that you thought was beautiful?

Well, I actually have an answer to this one.  Earlier this week, I was reading another blog and saw that Cassie from hi Sugarplum purchased a piece of art at a charity event.  It was so beautiful to me.  Immediately,  I thought that I would love to have a piece like that.  And, it was created by a student and artist who worked together as a team.  I love the whole idea of it and I loved the piece.  Here’s a pic of it.  So, what do you think?  Do you think it is beautiful or perhaps abstract art isn’t beautiful to you?

abstract art from hiSugarplum.com


2. Our culture and beauty…your thoughts?

Ugh!  It’s such a beat down.  Truly.  I, like every other woman I know, feel the pressure to measure up and look a certain way.  Needless to say, I rarely feel like I achieve it either.  The sad thing is, who is driving us to feel that way?  We are.  We are the ones who buy in.  At least I do.  I try to keep things in perspective, but it’s tough.  The weird thing is, who decides what beauty is anyway?  It seems like we’re all going after this unattainable goal, but aren’t there many types of beauty?  I feel like our culture is shallow and measures beauty in physical perfection.  Although I know it is far more important to be a good person and to be grateful for what God has given me, the pressure is still there and it’s real.

So what do you think?  Maybe this question was supposed to go in another direction?  I kind of got on a soap box there.  Regardless, some people think she is beautiful…. just sayin’ …there’s all different kinds.

tribal woman as example of beauty


3. Age before beauty, beauty queen, beauty mark, beauty sleep…which beauty-ful phrase resonates with you today? Why?

So, this is another interesting question.  I’m sensing a theme on beauty.  However, I’m going to answer this and slightly contradict what I said in #2.  Age before beauty resonates with me today and here’s why.  When I was younger I never felt pretty – e.v.e.r.  I kind of looked boyish with my short haircuts.  Remember the Dorothy Hamill haircut?  I had that for years.  #thanksmom  I felt awkward.  That is probably not an original story~ especially for middle school kids.  🙂

However, as I have aged, I think I have improved.  I have learned what my style is and what works and doesn’t work for me.  I have learned how to work with the hair I’ve got and I’ve learned a few makeup tricks along the way.  Also, the 80s are over along with the big hair and perms.  That has to equal improvement. 🙂  So, I feel better as I’ve aged as opposed to when I was young.  Does anyone else know what I mean?   That being said, #2 is still true too.

quote about beauty

4. I read here a list of the top ten beasts animals that scare us the most-

alligators, coyotes, black bears, birds (but pigeons in particular), sharks, bats, bed bugs, rats, rattlesnakes, and the black widow spider. 

Which ‘beast’ on the list scares you the most? What is the liklihood of you having an actual encounter with that particular beast? Did a movie contribute to your fear of this creature? Have you ever had a real life encounter with any of the animals listed?

Hmm… this is kind of funny to me.  I guess I might be afraid of sharks and alligators if I thought I would find myself in a position to have an encounter with one.  However, I don’t see that happening.  I’m not a thrill seeker so I won’t be swimming with the sharks.  Birds don’t bother me.  The things on the list that frighten me the most are rats and bed bugs.  Beg bugs because they are gross.  They suck your blood.  They come out at night and prey on you while you sleep.  You don’t know they’re there until it’s too late.  I have been known to inspect hotel rooms for signs – just in case.  And, no.  I don’t think that makes me crazy.  And no, I don’t stay at cheap motels.

bed bug from Terminix


Rats are also frightening because they are also gross with their long tails and teeth.  They carry disease and eat trash ~ and anything else.  They are the underbelly of creatures if you will.  I see no redeeming quality to a rat.  It seems like there might have been a scary movie with rats, but I don’t recall what it was.  However, I did have a real life encounter with rats.  They got into the attic of one of our houses.  Those rats chewed a hole in the roof, came in, and made themselves at home.  They chewed on all my things that you keep in an attic.  They were expensive to get rid of.  And, they caused me to lose sleep.  Who can sleep with rats scurrying overhead?


5. Where were you when you last heard a bell ring? Was it alarming or musical?

Two days ago at church I heard bells ring.  Actually, I hear them every Sunday.  They are musical and lovely.  The intention is to draw your attention to what’s happening at the altar.  They work. 🙂 #wanderingthoughts

altar bells


6. What’s your favorite carb? How’s that for random?

That is tough.  I am by nature and DNA a carb lover.  I love all carbs.  And, let’s face it.  They’re in pretty much everything.  However, for this question, I am going to stick to the mostly carb foods.  My answer is crackers.  I love them and their tasty crunch.  I love then especially with cheese.  Cheese and crackers every day of my life would make me totally happy.  Alas, I have given up crackers (mostly).  Though small in size, they are large in carbs.  A  very close second to this would be mac and cheese.  By the way, why do carbs have to be so bad for us?

cracker assortment my favorite carb food


7. Let’s wrap up another month of Hodgepodging and life with an acrostic. Recap your month using the word MARCH.

Makeovers – I worked on my master bedroom, a bathroom, and a little spruce up of the living room.  It was a busy decorating month for sure!

A lot of shopping – It is spring and a new season means you need new clothes and shoes (at least that’s my philosophy).  And, this month, I have taken advantage of sales and triple point days at Nordstrom.  Shhh.  Don’t tell Mr. LouiseMarie.

Round Top – I am leaving this weekend for Round Top with my mom and sister and I am SO SUPER excited!

Challenge, as in the Whole 30 challenge that I did and completed.

Hailstorm that left a lot of damage in my neighborhood – including my poor house & roof, & cars. 🙁


8.  Insert your own random thought here.

I am wondering how you keep on track when you shop at a flea market, antiques sale, etc..  This weekend I am heading to Round Top Antiques Show, and I am super excited.  I go every year; sometimes twice a year.  Generally, I wander around browsing through vendors’ items that speak to me.  I have no rhyme nor reason as  I go.  I grab things I like.  Often I end the day regretting the one thing I didn’t grab and should have.

So, when you go to these types of events, how do you do it?  Do you go with a list?  Focus on one type of item?  Or maybe you have a collection that you’re building?  This weekend I would like to find interesting home decor items.  I wonder what are the items should be on the lookout for?  I’d love to hear any advice you can give me.  Although I’ve gone often, I’d like to try being more productive and focused.  Please share your suggestions in the comments below.

Flea Market Fun in Round Top TX



Until next time~



  1. You are right, we live in a world where too much emphasis is placed on looks. This has led to many little girls thinking they are ugly. This is wrong.

  2. I think it is a beautiful abstract piece. What I see in it is either a monkey or a spider, with long arms guarding a doorway. I also see a bell pepper, a blue bottle, and a toaster (or maybe a microwave) on a counter. But, I’m a weirdo. What do you see in the painting?

    I understand what you’re saying in #3. I fought my naturally curly hair for years. I hate it. I could never get it to do what I wanted. I wanted balance and that wasn’t going to happen with all those curls. One side would curl in; the other side would curl out, and I wanted to just rip it all out! So, in regards to that, I definitely feel better as I’ve gotten older, even though I have gray hair now instead of great auburn hair.

    I think it makes sense to be concerned about bed bugs! I don’t know if they spread diseases or not, but if they can spread one kind, why not others? I think about that with mosquitoes, too. If they can spread malaria, which is a blood-borne disease, then why can’t they spread HIV or some of the other nasties that are out there?

    Rats are scary varmints. We saw a movie once about Mormon missionaries where they were told to sleep with their feet covered. One of the boys ignored that warning and woke up with the bottoms of his feet having been chewed up by the rats. Shivers!

    I don’t know why they have to be bad for us and not all of them are bad for us…just the best ones, I guess. I eat them anyway. I’m going to die anyway someday, so why not? Who knows, maybe I give up the potato and walk out and get hit by a bus, so what good did it do to give up the potato? I’m eating the potato. 🙂

    Have fun with your mama and sister at Round Top!

    I am sorry to hear of the hail damage to your property! That is upsetting and hope you can get everything repaired soon, if you haven’t already.

    I don’t really have any suggestions to offer for your flea market adventure other than to wear comfortable shoes. 🙂 If it were me, I’d be looking for a really cool bag. I’m a bag-a-holic!

    Have a blessed weekend!

    1. Author

      Thanks Marilyn for taking so much time to reply to me. 🙂 Yikes! How did that boy not wake up with rats chewing on his feet?!?!?! That sounds awful. We did have a great time. Found lots of good stuff, and you’re right. Comfortable walking shoes are a must. We will get everything repaired, but I think we’re in for round 2 later tonight. 🙁 Have a wonderful week ahead.

      1. You’re welcome. Sorry for the post-length comment up there. Sometimes I get chatty fingers. 🙂

        I don’t know how he slept through that. I know I couldn’t have! I guess he was just exhausted.

        I’m glad that you had a fun time and found good stuff.

        I hope the next round of storms doesn’t cause any more damage for you and your area. There is a severe thunderstorm with hail expected in our area, but apparently not our town, this afternoon.

        Have a blessed week. 🙂

  3. I’ve always wanted to go to Roundtop. I hope you had a great time! I keep the Hodgepodge mostly light, but like to always toss in one question that makes people think or dig a little. Sometimes it’s not the question I thought would be deep that ends up getting people to really express opinions. I like a little soapbox in the HP : )

    1. Author

      Ha! Well, I can certainly get on a soapbox! I enjoy the questions each week. I’m so glad I found you. Thanks for popping by today.

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