Hodgepodge Out of My Comfort Zone

Hodgepodge Out of My Comfort Zone

Hey there!  How are you?  I’m good and SERIOUSLY looking forward to next week.  A week away from school and a week that includes a lot of Christmas decorating!  Honestly, it’s so close I can almost feel it.  However, today is Wednesday and that means it’s Hodgepodge day with From This Side of the Pond.  You know the drill.  It’s random questions that some blogger buddies all answer and share with each other and our readers.  So, maybe these will help you get to know me a little better.  Ready?

1. What takes you out of your comfort zone?

Walking in to a room full of strangers and having to make small talk.

2. Your least favorite spice?

Anise.  I cannot stand licorice and that spice takes just like it.  Yuck!


3. What’s a small change you’d like to make?

Hmm….  You are totally going to laugh.  I would like to organize the space under my stove ~ especially all those  cutting boards and cookie sheets.  It always seems like a mess whenever I try to put one of said items away.    I’m also thinking I might like to add shelves to my study.


This is a fantasy for me.

4. Do you enjoy visiting historic homes? If so, of the homes you’ve visited which one was your favorite? What historic home near you is open to visitors? Have you been? Southern Living rounded up eleven of the best in the southern part of the US and they’re as follows-

Monticello (Jefferson’s home in Virginia), Nathaniel Russel House (Charleston SC), Swan House (Atlanta), Ernest Hemingway’s home (Key West), The Biltmore (Vanderbilt home in Asheville NC), Mount Vernon (Washington’s home in Virgina), San Francisco Plantation (Garyville, Louisiana), Windsor Ruins (Port Gibson Mississippi), Longue Vue House and Gardens (New Orleans), Whitehall (Palm Beach FL), and Pebble Hill Plantation (Thomasville GA)

Have you been to any on the list? Of the homes listed which would you most like to visit?

I guess I’d enjoy visiting them.  I do love history and I enjoy historical fiction as well.  However, I don’t have a lot of experience visiting these sites.  I have visited Monticello ~ twice.  I really loved it the first time and found it redundant the second time.   Guess my answer to this would be much like a teenager ~ ‘meh.’


5. What’s something you think will be obsolete in ten years? Does that make you sad or glad?


Paper invitations.  I will admit that online invitations are easy and convenient.  I have used them myself.  However, I do believe that real invitations delivered by mail are special.  They make the event feel more special, in my opinion.  I think we will continue to lose more and more ‘old fashioned’ communication in the name of progress.  Much the way that we seem to be losing handwritten letters in favor of email or messaging through social media.  Yes, it makes me a little sad.  No matter the inconvenience to the sender, I still believe that people love to be on the receiving end of those letters.


6.  Insert your own random thought here.


So, I have traditionally started my Christmas decorating the day after Thanksgiving.  However, this year I am not hosting Thanksgiving at my house so I am considering getting a jump on it earlier in the week.  What’s your opinion on when you should start decorating?  Do you insist on waiting until after Thanksgiving or do you think it’s all fair game now?


So tell me, how would you answer these questions?  Leave me a comment below to let me know that you stopped by. 🙂


Until next time~


  1. Small talk is the worst, isn’t it! I’ve never been good at it and struggle to come up with something. I like to get right to issues. 🙂 I think too that everyone likes to get a nice note in the mail or a birthday card. Online greeting isn’t the same. Then again, I don’t like it to be so gorgeous and elaborate that I feel guilty throwing it away later.

    1. Author

      ha ha! That’s so true! It can’t be too pretty to throw away when the time comes. I really hadn’t even thought about that. 🙂

  2. I agree totally with number one – I find it really hard to make small talk with total strangers. I had the same for #2 – really don’t like this spice in foods. I’d love to decorate for Christmas early so I think you should definitely go for it – I have to restrain myself until December 1st.
    Hope you have a really great week.

    1. Author

      Thanks Pamela! I am totally going for it this year. I pulled the decorations out today. Maybe I’ll start putting them out tomorrow. 🙂 Have a great week.

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