Hodgepodge Vol. 321

Hodgepodge Vol. 321

Good morning friends!  How are you?  I have to tell you, this Hodgepodge post almost didn’t make it.  It was almost deleted half way done because I couldn’t find the time to finish it.  Life is busy!  But, here I am linking up again for this week’s Hodgepodge with From This Side of the Pond.  Better late than never, right?   Anyway, it is Thursday and I am excited because that means it’s football night for son #3.  He is happy that he will be getting a lot of playing time and I will be holding my breath as he  tackles and gets tackled.  🙂  The life of a football mom. :-  Well, let’s get to this week’s questions.

1. Is a picture worth a thousand words? Elaborate.

Sometimes.  How’s that for a noncommittal answer?  It seems to me that some pictures just beg to have a story told.  Others…not so much.  And then there are those pictures that really say it all with no words at all.


2. Have you ever driven any part of the Pacific Coast Highway? If so what was your favorite stop? If not, is this sort of trip on your bucket list?

Yes!  This summer on our family road trip.  I wrote about it here and here.  It was spectacular!  It was one of those things on my bucket list, but now that I’ve seen it, I know I want to do it again.


On our summer road trip we visited the Oregon coast and Coo's Bay.

3. How do the changing seasons affect you? As the seasons change do you find yourself looking more forward or backward? Which season-season transition bothers you most? Why do you suppose that is?

No not really.  I do find myself looking forward to fall each year.  I love the cooler temps and the start of the holidays.  Then I look forward to warmer weather and spring.  I guess that means I’m looking forward not back.   None of the seasons really affect me – of course that


4. It’s your birthday and you get to pick the dinner menu. What are we having? Do you ever lie about your age?

I don’t really care what we have for dinner, but I want a beautifully set table with room for all my friends.



Followed by a cake like this…they call this a naked cake.  I love that there’s not so much frosting on it.

No,  don’t lie about my age, but sometimes I have to stop and do the math to remember my age!  What does that say about me?  I’m not sure….and I am TOTALLY 100% serious…I forget my age.


5. What’s a life lesson you’ve learned recently?

If you aren’t sure what to do in a situation, just do the next right thing.  A series of “the next right things” really makes all the difference.


6.  Insert your own random thought here.

Without going into details, my family has been presented with a difficult situation.  While we’ve known about it for a while, we weren’t sure what to do.  IT was hard.  Meanwhile, my sister, my precious sister, just stepped in and tackled it.  Y’all she is amazing and so selfless.  I cannot even say how proud of her I am.  So, today all my thoughts are of her.  Mis, if you’re reading this, I am so glad you’re MY sister and I love you so much!


Well friends, that’s it for me today.  Make it a great day!

Until next time~


  1. Perfect timing! I just hopped over and read your Northern California-Oregon post and will be coming back to take some notes : ) We are doing a slightly different trek as we are starting in San Fran (not spending time there as we’ve been before) then going up Cali and through Oregon, ending at my daughter’s house near Tacoma Washington. Some of our trip will overlap yours so I’m definitely happy to read your thoughts! We’ve got our flights booked, but I’m still working on the actual stops.

    1. Author

      Fantastic! I hope some of my notes can help you plan your trip. It’s so beautiful there. You won’t be disappointed. 🙂

  2. i enjoyed your comments! I especially liked that you don’t care what you have to eat on your birthday, you just want to be surrounded by friends in a beautiful setting!

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