Hodgepodge With a Childhood Visit

Hodgepodge With a Childhood Visit

Hello friends!  How are you?  I was feeling pretty good about recent sewing projects and then the tension on the machine got all messed up.  Now I am cursing sewing projects.  Yep, that’s pretty much how it goes if you’re me.  Anyway, enough about my issues.  I am thrilled to be back with another Hodgepodge.  I am linking with Joyce at From This Side of the Pond along with many other bloggers to answer her questions.  Today’s questions take us back in time to our childhood.  Kind of fun reminiscing.  Next week, I’ll be taking a break from the Hodgepodge for some family time.  However, feel free to hop over and check out next week’s q and a.

1. Growing up, were you close to your grandparents? Tell us one or two specific things you remember about them.

Yes, I was close to my grandparents on my mother’s side.  They were amazing and instilled in us family pride for our big Irish, Catholic family.  My grandfather was an amazing man and father to seven children.  I remember him walking laps up and down his driveway each morning and sitting and saying his prayers.  I also remember his evening ‘toddy’ with olives while he watched the news.  He loved his family and made no secret of that.  He put my grandmother on a pedestal, and that was well deserved.

My grandmother was the mom to seven, six of which were boys.  She was the kindest, most faithful person I have known.  What pops into my head as I think of her is how she completely lost her filter as she got older.  She would say whatever she thought without a care of offending anyone. 🙂  Every time I watch Downton Abbey the dowager reminds me of her.

2. What’s an item you were attached to as a child? What happened to it?

Even as a mere toddler I always carried a purse.  So even at a young age I had a thing for handbags.  It must be in my DNA.  I do remember leaving it behind one evening at a restaurant.  My parents had to make the return trip across town to retrieve it.  I lost most of my sentimental type things when our house burned down.

3. When you look out your window, do you see the forest or the trees (literally and figuratively)? Explain.

I see trees – literally and figuratively.  My bedroom windows look out onto a park.  You really can’t begin to call it a forest, but there are some lovely trees.  I enjoy that view.  Figuratively I tend to see the trees as well.  I often get caught up in the details or in trying to make things perfect.  This habit sometimes makes it difficult to see the bigger picture.  You know, the cleaning can wait, your kids want you hang out or, spend time with the hubby now…that’s more important than XYZ.


4. Do you like sour candies? Which of the ‘sour’ foods listed below would you say is your favorite?

grapefruit, Greek yogurt, tart cherries, lemons, limes, sauerkraut, buttermilk, or kumquats 

No I don’t like sour candy.  From the list I would pick lime because I sure like a twist in a vodka tonic. 🙂

Have you ever eaten a kumquat? What’s your favorite dish containing one of the sour foods on the list?

No kumquat here.  From those ingredients I would pick buttermilk pancakes.  Speaking of which, it has been entirely too long since I have enjoyed one.

5. July 1st marked the mid point of 2017. In fifteen words or less, tell us how it’s going so far.

This blogging is harder than I imagined. Talk about a challenge.  Still, I persist.

6. Insert your own random thought here.

I cannot wait for this view.  I have never been to San Francisco and am so excited to visit soon.  Any tips to share?  Anything we absolutely cannot miss?  I’d love to hear from you.


Until next time~

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