Home Trends to Try for 2017

Home Trends to Try for 2017

Hello friends!  I am so glad you’re here, and I hope when you read this you’ll be glad you came. If you are anything like me, you like to keep your look ~ including your home ~ up to date.  You don’t want to be too trendy, but you like to keep things fresh and not dated.  With that in mind, I thought I would share with you the home trends for 2017.

l like to know what the trends are, but I don’t follow them wholeheartedly.  After all, some of the trends are just not “me,” and I think our homes should absolutely be a reflection of who we are.  Our homes should tell our story and be our sanctuary.  A place we want to be.

With that said, let’s get right to it.  So, what’s in and what is on what’s on its way O.U.T. ? Pick and choose the trends that appeal to you and “feel” right, but don’t feel like you need to jump on all of them.  By having just a few of these you’ll keep your home “on trend.”

First, let’s see the predictions for what is on its way out.  Remember, these may be out of fashion, but if you love them, you should keep them – especially some of those bigger investments.  We can’t be remodeling our homes every other year!

Trends that Are Out


subway tile


single leaves in vases

all antique rooms

First up is copper.  Copper is a very showy metallic and it is often overpowering for the items around it. #won’smissitevenalittle  However,  I’m sad to say, that I hear rose gold is also on its way out.

Subway tile is going to be replaced by thinner, more finger-like tiles.  I guess when it becomes something so popular everyone has it, it’s time to move on to something new. (AKA something else for us to buy)  Also on its last leg is marble.  Marble is predicted to be replaced by a more affordable surface.  I have to say, I totally disagree with this and don’t care what the experts say.  I think marble is beautiful and classic.  A classic can not go out of style.

Finally (and kind of silly), if you have simple leaves in vases (think palm leaf), that trend is out and is being replaced by actual plants.  If the experts are thinking we all need to start taking on growing real plants to be “in,” then they don’t know the struggle.  I’m doing good to feed my kids dinner every night.  I need nothing else to take care of!  (did I hear an AMEN?)

Trends That Are Going to Be IN

A few popular trends are going to stick around for another year or so.  So, if you have already incorporated a gallery wall, open shelves, or large clocks – you are good to go for this year.

black  gallery frames

black and gold clock with roman numerals









This year will be a big year for mixed metals.  You should feel free to mix your favorite silver pieces right next to gold or steel.  Burnished metals are also going to be hot this year. Try adding your favorite metal piece alongside oil rubbed bronze or iron for a cool look.   Remember, matchy-matchy is OUT so mix it up!

Strong geometric designs will continue to be on trend as well.  These are so easy to incorporate ~ think pillows, throws, curtains, and rugs.  A few throw pillows on the couch would be a super easy, doable way to include this trend in your home or perhaps you could recover some dining chairs using a geometric fabric.  I’ve done that, and it’s a super simple project to do.

navy and white geometric patterned pillos

navy and white geometric print curtain panels

One trend that I love and think is gorgeous is upholstered headboards.  I think they have a very luxurious feel to them and can bring in great texture to a room.  If you love this look as well, then you are on trend.  There are lots of cool styles to choose from and if you choose one with nailhead trim you’re even better.

beige upholstered and tufted headboardSucculent plants are trendy for 2017.  Who knew that plants could be trendy?  Well apparently they are.  These are easy to include in your decor and won’t break the bank.  While, I personally have zero luck in keeping a real plant alive, these are supposed to be very easy to maintain.  However, there are some great looking faux out there as well.

faux succulent in planter

faux succulent plant in square planter








Now this is a trend I’m excited about and hope to incorporate into my home – lucite.  Lucite has a definite mod feel to it, but can really mix well with any other style.  It is perfect for small spaces too as it has no visual weight.  You can easily add a piece to a room without fear of making the room feel heavy.  You may have to worry about fingerprints though. 🙂

Lucite and gold console table

A few more items to keep on the radar for 2017wood clock with roman numerals

  • blue is going to be a big color this year especially cobalt and navy #hiphiphooray!
  • gold and brass finishes
  • terracotta ~ the color AND the tile
  • maps
  • oversized clocks
  • cork


tufted upholstered headboard with blue gingham pillows and throwwhite sofa with blue throw pillows









Hopefully, I’ve given you something you can work with here.  Still, the best advice I can offer you in terms of decorating your home is to pick only things that you LOVE.  Trend or no trend, if you love something, you can always find a way to use it in your home. Are there any new trends you’d like to try in your home decor?

All images are from www.Jossandmain.com  If you’ve not checked them out before, do yourself a favor and go.  There are so many beautiful things for your home!  (& no, I’m not paid to say that.  I just love them!)


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