Back Yard Landscaping with Native Texas Plants

Back Yard Landscaping with Native Texas Plants

Landscaping a yard can be fun and fulfilling, and it can also be frustrating and a money sucker.  We realized a long time ago that in order to reap the benefits of our landscaping investment, we needed to resist the urge to buy those pretty plants at the garden centers. #welearnedthisthehardway #cha-ching  We needed a plan, and that means professional help which will look at the long-term solution.   It means working with some who actually KNOWS what they’re doing and not just planting some pretty stuff.

North Texas summers can be brutal to people and landscapes.  So we decided to go with Texas Natives and Adaptive species which can handle the roller coaster weather in the Lone Star state. This is our master plan for our backyard which we can add to over time as our budget permits. The great thing about these plant selections is that some color will be in bloom throughout the growing season.


I love how the landscape designer listened to our ideas in order to design our plan.  This plan allows for something to be blooming or offering color for every season of the year.  It also means these plants will require little maintenance on our part and can be somewhat drought tolerant.  #DRYTexassummers  If you have a yard you’d like to tackle I would HIGHLY recommend that you get a professional landscape design.  Over the years we certainly spent more money trying to get plants to grow in our yard.  It is well worth the investment.  #trustme

Now that we have a plan we can work on the yard as our time and budget allows.  Step one was to have the beds installed.  This was not a job we wanted to tackle ourselves as getting the old dirt out is a tough job.  Where do you dump it all?  Now that we have the beds made and new topsoil and compost tilled into the existing land, we are ready to go.

Stay tuned and watch how this project progresses as we get closer to spring.

Here are our plant Selections

(if you live in N. TX these would work great for you too!)

Chinese Pistache
  Saucer Magnolia
  Butterfly Bush ‘Dark Knight’ 
  Dwarf Wax Myrtle 
  Purple Trailing Lantana
  Salvia Greggii
  Turks Cap
  Upright Germander 
  Hameln’s Fountain Grass

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