Master Bedroom Makeover~

blue grasscloth wallpapered wall

Master Bedroom Makeover~

I have been married for quite a number of years.  In that time, I can honestly that my master bedroom has not been the haven I dreamed of.  Instead I spent my time and money decorating and improving on the areas in my home that were pubic areas.  The areas that our guests would see.  We don’t always take people into our bedroom after all.  So, my master bedroom took a backseat to all the other endless projects, children’s bedroom makeovers, and even landscaping plans.  Well, not anymore.  I decided to put other projects off a bit and instead work to make our master a place that would really feel special to us  ~ even if we’re the only ones who see it (along with all of you, of course).  So,  welcome to my master makeover.

Allow me to begin by saying that by saying my master never got the attention it deserved is not to say that it has been awful.  I have always worked to make our home look lovely.  It’s just that the master wasn’t all that I wanted it to be.  Now that our boys are older and we are living in a new home where there’s not a lot of honey-do projects, I thought it was time to fix it up.

his nightstand pre makeover


her nightstand premakeover

bedroom wall premakeover
Okay, so ignore the crooked lampshades & be glad I didn’t show you my unmade bed.


Here’s my starting point.  You can see, we have a king sized bed with an upholstered head-board that I bought about two years ago.  We have mismatched night stands ~ or what serves as such.  Our bedding is new and I LOVE it.  It’s  part Pottery Barn and part Restoration Hardware.  The night stands tend to collect junk as does the dresser.  Not really because there’s no place to put it, but rather, it’s EASIER to put it there….and leave it. 🙁


Now, for my plan.  I knew I wanted to keep my bedding and furniture.  I also knew that I wanted to accent with some brighter pops of color, especially blue.  My walls are a light gray color.  I love that the bedroom is full of light.  It feels somewhat muted and relaxing; however, I wanted to make a bold statement.  I decided to create an accent wall behind our bed.  I toyed around with painting the wall.  Been there, done that.  I really wanted more of a statement than that.  I considered wallpaper for a hot minute, but ultimately decided I didn’t want to commit to a pattern in the bedroom.  Finally, I landed on the idea of using a grasscloth wallpaper.  I did a little searching and found some navy blue grasscloth from several online stores and made my order.

blue grasscloth wallpaper
It may be hard to tell, but this is a navy blue grasscloth with lots of color variation.


As a  side note, I will say this is much more expensive than painting.  It was somewhat hard to justify; however, ultimately, I decided that we were worth it. Just be warned if grasscloth is something you’d like to try.  On the other hand, the grasscloth gives the wall a texture and richness that paint would never be able to do.  And, I love the navy blue color.  (Details on how to wallpaper a wall will be coming soon.)

grasscloth wallpapered bedroom wall


blue grasscloth wallpapered wall

Now, with the grasscloth added, my room was looking much better.  Already feeling more like a special retreat.  The next step was working on furniture.  I had good bones to start with, but really wanted a nightstand/chest for my side of the bed.  The antique blanket chest just wasn’t doing it for me.  I chose this mirrored chest that I found at Kirklands.  It’s awesome because it has the mirrored faces, but also has a gray finish to work with our existing furniture.   #thatsawin  As a sidenote, I do think it’s important when adding a nightstand that you don’t just stick with the furniture that is labeled as such.  You need to consider the size of your bed.  For a king size bed a small nightstand would look way too small.  A chest is a more appropriate size match.


her nightstand with mirrored panels

her mirrored nightstand/chest


I also had this blue sueded chair, but needed a side table for it so that it could serve as a reading nook.  I also needed to add a little glam factor into the room.  So, I decided on this small gold end table with a mirrored top.


blue sueded chair
I love the multicolored piping on this chair. I think it’s a fun detail.

mirrored side table


reading nook in bedroom


Now, all that’s left is to accessorize.  I added a few things to the nightstands along with these beautiful lamps I bought at an auction.  (Have you ever been to one?)  You can read about it here.


gold lamp bought at auction


Okay, so that’s it for now.  The master is still not quite finished.  I still need to add drapes.  I’m thinking I will go with a blue snow leopard print fabric.  I am also going to add a bright floral patterned pillow or two.  I’ve already purchased that fabric.  And of course, we still need some art for the walls.  So, you can see it’s still a work in progress, but I am loving the pop that wallpaper gives the room.

So, what do you think?  Are you working on any makeover projects at your house?  I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below.  Your comments are bright spot in my day for sure!  Also, you can sign up for my email list so that you don’t miss a post.  They’ll be delivered right to your inbox.  Thanks so much for stopping by.

Until next time~


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