Must Have Post Holiday Bling

Must Have Post Holiday Bling

I am headed out today to shop for some new jewelry. Not the pricey kind, but the trendy, this-won’t-hurt-too-bad kind.  Specifically, I am going to Accessory Concierge in Dallas. I’ve taken a day off work ~ that’s right I’m playing hooky #don’tjudgeme ~ to go shopping. What can I say, sometimes a girl NEEDS to do a little shopping.  Plus reading all those other blogs that mention their awesome picks, has planted the I NEED that seed.

I’ve been stalking reading a few blogs lately, and have a serious case of the I WANTs. Does anyone else peruse through blogs or Pinterest and come away thinking you must have it all?  Well, thanks to some lovely ladies in Blogland ~ I am feeling the need for a little bling.

As an aside though…here’s what I’m wondering….why do I seem to go back and forth between realizing the need to purge and live a more minimalist lifestyle and acquire all I see? One day I’m all into the art of tidying up (you’ve heard of the book right?). If it doesn’t bring me joy – out it goes. The next, I’m internet shopping and adding to my cart.

So What’d I Get?

Okay…mission accomplished! The ladies at AC are very nice and let me browse to my heart’s content. I ended up with just what I went for and can’t wait to show you.  Check these out


If you live in the Dallas area, you’re in luck and can visit their store. OR, even better~ you can shop in your jammies from home and have them ship it to you. Either way, you won’t be disappointed.


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