Not Such a Challenge? Week 3 Update

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Not Such a Challenge? Week 3 Update

Hello friend!  I am happy you’re here.  Are you wanting to check in and see how hubby and I are doing on the Biggest Challenge Ever?  Well, settle in for  my report on week 3 of the Whole 30 challenge that we decided to try.  Initially I thought that this challenge was going to be very hard for us.  I thought it might even be the hardest thing ever.  (slight exaggeration?)  Here at the end of week 3 I can say it has not been the hardest thing.  And truly, that surprises me.

So, we are still on track and doing fine.  Snacking is definitely a thing of the past.  Water intake is way up.  We are both feeling better and sleeping better.  We have more energy and both of us are feeling like our clothes are a bit looser as well. #winning

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Perhaps the most amazing thing for me is I don’t miss sugar.  I didn’t think I was addicted before, but if you read my first post, you know it was something I was very concerned about.  The cravings passed quickly.  Now, when I see a cookie or a sugary sweet, it doesn’t bother me at all.  In fact, I have no twinge of “I want that” at all.  Moreover, it’s easy to walk past donuts and cookies without a second thought.  My kids have ice cream and I don’t wish I could.  Isn’t that incredible? Shocking really.

SO, we might be phoning it in on dinners lately.  We tend to go for quick and easy over complicated and delicious.  No doubt, you guys could be more creative than me on this.  Here’s what dinners have been this week:

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Day 16 – Since I don’t remember day 15’s meal, we’ll start here.  This night’s dinner was zoodles again with grilled chicken ~ this time we topped the chicken with a guacamole based “sauce.”

Day 17 – It’s Friday and it’s Lent.  So fish on Fridays starting with grilled cod and roasted butternut squash

Day 18 – We ate out, but don’t worry,  it was totally in the rules though 🙂

Day 19 – With all the boys home for dinner, we  made a homestyle meal.  It was pork chops with spiced applesauce from the cookbook (yum!).

Day 20 – Tonight I steamed spaghetti squash in the microwave and topped it with meat sauce and salad.

Day 21 – Okay, so this meal is a little boring, but it’s an easy go-to.  Tonight we had grilled chicken with coconut lemon sauce and roasted broccoli

Alright, we’re down to the last days of this challenge.  Undoubtedly we are going to make it the whole 30 days.  In fact, we are already planning what we’ll be adding in first.  Wine.  Was it even really a question?  So, have you tried the Whole 30?  I’d love to get any words of wisdom you have or a great dinner idea. 🙂  Don’t forget to comment below and sign up for my email list so you can get updates delivered right to your inbox.

Have an awesome week!

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