More Than 20 Christmas Wish List Items for HER

More Than 20 Christmas Wish List Items for HER

Hey y’all.  Are you in full holiday mode yet?  I am busy making my list….make that lists… and checking them daily trying to get things done.  Between the decorating, party planning, and gift giving my mind is always going.  Well today, while I’m out celebrating my birthday, I thought I would help you (and Mr. LouiseMarie) with some things that are on wish lists of the women on your gift giving list.  These are sure to make your Christmas shopping easier or maybe you should share this post with a loved one. #senditotohubby

First up, how about a new fragrance?  I have been hearing all about this brand.  I have really been wanting to give it a try, but it’s one of those things that I seldom “treat” myself to.  It can be hard though for someone else to pick your fragrance.  So, how about a sampler set, like this?  That way she can try them all and decide on her own favorite.   I know I’d love to get this.

Do you know someone who likes to get their craft on?  Well, this little machine is so cool.  It will add sparkle to all kinds of printed materials by adhering metallic foil to it.  This just gives me all kinds of ideas ~ things that need a little gold added to them.  I think this little gadget would be so fun and it’s not something that everyone has.  I know I would love to try it, so I bet you know someone who would love it too.

Another thing I love to get is personalized stationery.  Yes, I am one of those people who still think that a handwritten note is required for some things.  In this world of email and texts, there is something very special about that handwritten,personal touch.  Plus, I kind of have a thing for office supplies…so you know, pens, markers, pretty notebooks.  Anyway, there are tons of personalized options on Etsy.  Like this one ~

Maybe she is one who enjoys adding the latest trends to her closet?  Or maybe she is in need of a few items to update her look.  Well, I’ve found a super cute sweater.  It’s a wrap type sweater, which is kind of unusual.  I love the way it drapes.  You could even throw this on after a trip to the gym and still look stylish enough to run errands. And it comes in a few colors so you’re sure to find one that will work.

This next one would make a really good stocking stuffer.  Yes, stockings filled with goodies aren’t just for kids.  I love scarves for adding a pop of color or for keeping warm.  However I don’t like having to constantly adjust it throughout the day.  I also sometimes wonder what to do with the ends.  Well, with an infinity scarf you don’t have to worry.  And, this one has great colors as well.

Okay, so I actually already have this wish list item and I can tell you FOR SURE, she will LOVE these babies.  At first I wasn’t sure if I could pull the trigger and order these slippers.  Without a doubt, they are pricey.  However, I can now tell you…they are worth every penny.  In the past, my slippers would last about a year then they would stretch out and not stay on my narrow foot.  I’ve had these Ugg slippers for a year now and they still fit perfectly ~ plus they come in lots of colors.  They are cozy and warm and I love, love, love them.


Now, this is totally my wish list item.  I have mentioned before that I am a handbag girl.  You really can’t have enough.  I really like totes because they allow me to carry whatever I need, and I have been a long time Barrington fan.  Here’s the one I’m crushing on; however, they have tons of prints and styles to choose from.  So, if leopard isn’t your thing, you can look for a print you like better.  I also like that you can customize the bag stripe and add a monogram to it.  This gives me all the heart eyes.

Here are the top items on mom's Christmas wish list.


Okay, let’s talk beauty products.  I’m a junkie when it comes to make up.  I love it.  I always like trying the latest and greatest products and I have a few favorites to suggest to you.  This lip gloss/color set.  Buxom has great colors and I like that they’re plumping.  Another favorite when it comes to lips is Stila.  This a great deal to try lots of colors.  This eye shadow palette.  It’s a classic.  If mom doesn’t have this, she needs it.

Of course, all the make up in the world won’t help, if you don’t have good skin.  Mr.LouseMarie got me a Clarisonic a few years ago, and it’s one of the best gifts ever.  I LOVE it!  And bonus….my dermatologist recommends it as well.  This would be a fantastic gift for anyone.  Honestly, if you don’t have one, you should gift it to yourself. 🙂


Another great idea for some lucky girl would be a visit to the dermatologist or spa for some facial treatments.  This to me is a win/win.  She feels pampered AND gets all the benefits of whatever treatment she chooses.  Along those same lines, how about a gift certificate to get her hair done or some other cosmetic procedure….eyelashes, waxing, etc…  Treat her to something that she would feel guilty about treating herself to.

Ordinarily I am not one to suggest buying something useful for a gift.  I would tell the men to stay away from any kind of appliance for a gift.  However, I do have two things that I can recommend if the woman in your life likes practical gifts. #notme

First up, we have two dogs and three boys.  To say that accidents happen is an understatement..duh, boys and pets.  I bought this little Spot Bot to be able to quickly clean up little messes on the carpet, and I use it often. It’s small and easily transported from room to room so I love it.  I also love that I can hit the button and walk away.  The bot does all the work and I just empty the reservoir when it’s done.  So, if this sounds like something she would like in order to save her from a little work, I say go for it.


My second recommended, practical gift is this “more than just a blender.”  If you like to make smoothies, this Ninja is so much better than trying to do it in a regular blender.  It also can spiralize veggies for when you want to pretend the zoodles (zucchini) are really pasta. And, it can act as a food processor too.  This appliance is awesome.


And here’s a few more just in case you haven’t seen something you love yet.

This tray is beautiful.  I could see it in a kitchen, use it for entertaining, or even in a bathroom.

A cheeseboard/cutting board is another useful and lovely gift.  This one is perfect.

I would seriously want to cuddle up with this.

This candle and scent are one of my absolute favorites.  LOVE it!

Not just another coffee mug.

How fun is this?

These are cute & cozy or maybe these??

I would LOVE to try this, but cannot buy it for myself.  Lots of great reviews for this.

And, I have been crushing on this sweet little clutch for a while.


Well friends, I think my work here is done.  Surely at least one of these wish list items has inspired you in your gift giving or your own wish list making.  If you like these ideas, send this straight to your loved ones inbox.  #menhavenocluewhattobuy  So, do you like these type of posts?  Would you like to see more? One for the men?  Leave me a comment below and let me know.


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  1. Loving the sampler fragrance set. Great idea! I keep my Amazon Wish List updated with items and lots of books. My sons are great at giving me a bundle of books each Christmas. I may need to add the sampler set to my wish list!

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