Hello!  I am so glad you’ve found me.  I’ve been reading ‘how to start a blog’ posts for some time…wanting to….wondering if I could….thinking I have nothing to say….BUT ~maybe I do, maybe you wonder about the same things as me, maybe you just want to feel like you’re not alone in life’s challenges.  As a new mom (back in the dark ages) I joined a new mom’s group at my church.  This group became my lifeline as I embarked on the trip of a lifetime – motherhood.  I can’t put into words how much those friendships meant to me as well as just knowing thatRead More →

Need a Good Read? I  to read. Do you? I have always enjoyed good books and especially a book I can’t put down.  They are full of good information, can be uplifting, or maybe just serve as a good escape. A chance to live a life you’ve dreamed of.  I have found a few excellent books for you to check out.  You won’t be disappointed. Here’s what I’ve read lately. Black-Eyed Susans   If you enjoy books with lots of twists and turns – a la Gillian Flynn – then you’ll love this one.  This is a story of the lucky victim of a seriesRead More →