Scheduled Date Nights for a Year

Scheduled Date Nights for a Year

Hi there!  I am so excited about this post today!  That’s mainly because it means I have taken the first step on one of my goals this year.  Also, I am sure that some of you are going to love this idea as much as me and jump right on this right along with me.   I have taken the bull by the horns and scheduled a year of date nights!

Here are 35 awesome ideas for date night!

I’m sure you know (at least I hope I’m not alone in this), It’s easy to get in a rut in a relationship and start to operate on auto pilot.  You know, doing the same old thing, going to the same restaurants, vegging on the couch and watching movies.  If we’re not careful things get boring.  So, I decided I was going to put some fun into my marriage this year.  Give it some attention in a creative way.  And really, who couldn’t use a little of that?

The first thing I did was take out my planner and schedule each month’s date night.  I want those dates on both of our calendars so that we make sure to take that time and avoid conflicts.  Although, I am aware and fully expect that we will have to reschedule at some point in the year.  That’s okay.   Things do come up.

The next step was for me to pick an activity for each month.  I really wanted to have it all planned ahead of time so that we would know what to look forward to.  Now I do think it would be super fun to have each date planned and explained in a secret envelope or box that you present to your honey each month or maybe even all at once.  What a great gift for him since has to do nothing but show up on date night. 🙂

If you want a great resource for date night ideas along with lots of free printables, you should visit the Dating Divas.  I love this website because it’s full of inspiration for strengthening your marriage while having fun doing it.  Seriously, there are pages and pages full of ideas.  That’s where I found many of my ideas.

Here are 35 awesome date night ideas.

However, if you just need a quick list of ideas, I’ve got 35 of them for you.  I’ve picked 12 from this list for our date nights.  Maybe you can find a few that would be fun for you.  Some of these are going to seem a little silly, but that’s exactly the point ~ to start playing and having fun together.  Remember back when you were first dating?  I bet you did some of these same activities.

As a side note, I will tell you that if there’s a little competition and some sort of reward for the winner, the fun factor increases. (wink, wink)

Here are 35 awesome date night ideas.

35 Date Night Ideas

  1.  Mini golf – add a twist by adding a special challenge for each hole or a special prize for the winner.
  2. Theater or musical performance
  3. Competition at the park
  4. Winter indoor picnic and favorite movie
  5. Game Night – there all kinds of ways to make this extra fun
  6. Escape Room
  7. Take a cooking class (Central Market offers these if you live near one)
  8. Arts festival
  9. Visit some food trucks and try it all
  10. Batting cages
  11. Take a drive and go stargazing
  12. Local/county fair
  13. Outdoor concert ( or indoor)
  14. Dance class
  15. Paintball/laser tag
  16. Couples massage class
  17. Wine tasting/ or visit a brewery or distillery
  18. Snowball fight in July (buy snowballs from a snow cone shop) followed by ice cream
  19. Corn Maze
  20. Pumpkin carving contest
  21. Carriage ride (really fun if they tour local Christmas lights)
  22. Binge hubs favorite TV series with his favorite take out/junk food
  23. Visit an auction together
  24. Take a bicycle ride
  25. Whirly Ball (ever heard of it?  It’s basketball in bumper cars)
  26. Visit a gun or archery range
  27. Bowling night
  28. Kayak on a lake or raft a river (this would be a day date)
  29. Make a challenge to eat a dinner with food you’ve never had
  30. Be tourists and see your local sites
  31. Spa day
  32. Visit your farmers market, buy stuff to make your dinner together
  33. Visit a pub/bar and play shuffleboard or darts
  34. Tackle a project together (we’ve always had fun doing this)
  35. Set up a patio prom for just the two of you

Well friends, I hope this list gives you just a few ideas to schedule a fun date night.  If you have any ideas that we could add to the list, please share the with us in the comments.  I know some of you have thought of or done some awesome dates!  As for me, Mr. LouiseMarie and I will be bowling in January, and I can’t wait!  So, which idea is your favorite?

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