Stenciling How To & Lessons Learned

Stenciling How To & Lessons Learned

If you are planning to stencil for a wall in your home, let me share a few lessons learned.  I have tried stenciling on a small-scale and recently tried it on a whole room.  I thought this would be a piece of cake because I had stenciled another room and it was super easy.  You can read about that project here.  Well, that ended up not being entirely true.  So, dear friend, let me share a few of the lessons learned on this project.

Lesson 1, think carefully about the look you’re going for in your room.  Choose a paint color carefully.  I wish that it had not taken me 3 tries before I really found the right one.  Sadly, there is not a store to go buy Royal Design paints locally so I was going from a picture on
line.  You know how that goes…  As it was, it took me 2 orders and 2 non-refundable paint containers before getting it right.

stenciled wall using antique nickel

stenciled wall using antique silver and Paris Grey


Next, you might worry about how to get your pattern to line up.  Don’t worry.  The stencils designs allow you to easily match up the pattern when it’s time to move the stencil.  However, in a pattern such as the one I chose, you can match it up in several spots.  So, Lesson 2, I would suggest that you take a Sharpie and you label the top of your stencil so that the pattern is always going in the same direction.  My pattern seemed be off in a section.  I think that’s because when I started a new row I inadvertently turned the stencil in the opposite direction. 🙁  So, don’t look too close.  I don’t think anyone  but me can see what I’m talking about.  #lessonlearned



Another tip I would offer to you is this ~  Lesson 3 – Have lots of masking tape on hand.  Wear it like a  bracelet.  You have to tape your stencil in place before you start painting  and with a stencil as large as this, one or two pieces won’t cut it.  Also, when you move it from place to place it will lose its stickiness.

Also, nothing makes you madder than when you’ve got it all aligned and ready to go.  You reach down to pick up your brush, and it falls.  And, you’re standing on the bathroom counter or ladder.  This may or may not have happened to me.


small angled brushes for touch up when stencilling

Finally, lesson 4 – make sure you have a small, angled edge paintbrush on hand.  Touch ups are required afterward.  It’s not a big deal and it’s nothing tragic, but just know that touch ups must happen.  (at least if you’re a perfectionist, type A like me).  Inevitably, in some place paint will leak under the stencil just a tiny bit, or your stencil mat will brush the wall when you move it, or your paint covered fingers will smudge the wall.  It happens.


So, how would I rate this project?  Well, it’s still a pretty easy project considering the look you get when you’re done.  However, it is not as simple as painting a wall with a roller.  Know what I mean?  My arm muscles did get a workout.  #bonus  Overall, I love how it turned out and I would definitely do it again.


That’s one of my latest projects.  What have you done lately?  I’d love to hear about your projects and mishaps.  Don’t forget to comment below and sign up to get my newest posts delivered right to your inbox.  Or, you can follow me on Bloglovin with the button below.  ‘Til next time ~



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