Host a Super Bowl Showdown Party

Host a Super Bowl Showdown Party

Well it’s time for the NFL Playoffs, which mean we are getting closer to the BIG GAME day.  Around here in a house of 4 men, that’s a big deal.  And, since it’s looking good for the Cowboys this year #it’sbeenalongimecommin’ ~ I think that’s an occasion to celebrate and gather friends and family to cheer on the home team.  We won’t even talk about how my oldest son is a Patriots fan.  #ahousedivided  Read on to find some helpful hints for hosting your own Super Bowl party.

Anyway, back to what I know better than football – how to throw a party.  Of course the internet abounds with thousands of ideas, but let me make things simple for you and follow this plan.

First, game day food should be finger foods and let’s face it, mostly junk.  SO, on my menu will be pretzel dogs,  ham and swiss sliders on Hawaiian bread, and tator tot skewers.  I will also have chips and queso, dip, and some cut veggies, popcorn, and assorted cookies and brownies.  Here are some links to good recipes:

Loader Tator Tot Skewers

Ham & Swiss Sliders

Auntie Ann’s Pretzel Dog Copycat

Of course, chicken wings would be another excellent option or burger sliders as well.

Now, when it comes to hosting a party, I totally believe in setting the stage.  I’m a big believer of themes – even if it’s just a color scheme.  I think that gives you a good home base to work with and from there you can add stuff to it.

I’ve seen some super cute ideas online for decorations; however, this is not a little kid’s birthday party, so there’s no need to go overboard.  We need festive, food, and fun for this party.  The main attraction is the game after all.

I will be using astro turf from Home Depot to create a table cover for about $5.00.  Duct tape makes the yardage lines.  If you don’t want to go that route, green paper and white tape would work just as well.  Here is a photo I found to give you an idea.

astro turf table cover that looks like a football field


I found these great football themed food containers at Wal Mart.  The trays will be perfect for holding those pretzel dogs and sandwiches and the little cups will be excellent veggie/dip containers or small queso bowls.

I’ve also found some really fun printables to use for the table and for drink markers  These will really be special touches to add to the decor, but super simple and won’t break the bank.

printed paper drink tags

party table for football party

The drink tags are from From Me With Love.  I think I will use these as guests arrive and then give out a trophy/prize for the person who gets the closest to the actual score.

The food tags and so cute and I found them on Three Little Monkeys Studio.  With just a couple pieces of card stock, you can have some really festive additions to your food!

The only other decorations I will be adding is a centerpiece.   I am going to use some green cheerleader pom poms.  I found this cute set on Amazon.

Then I am going to set  these paper lanterns into the green “grass.”

paper football lanterns

The only other thing we need to make the evening really fun is a couple of activities to keep people entertained  ~ there is always someone who really isn’t interested in following the game. 🙁  SO, here are a few ideas of EASY activities.

Create a football pot/squares #anoldiebutagoodie.  It’s always fun when you can win some money!  Hand out cards for football bingo.  People can play as they watch the
game.  Or how about Super Bowl Commercial Bingo?  The commercials are always fun to watch.  Why not turn them into a game too?  By the way, M&Ms make excellent card markers if you want to save the cards and reuse them.

Of course, I think if you have games, you must have prizes.  SO, here are a  few ideas…

  • Gift cards are always a hit
  • NFL fangear
  • small containers filled with snacks
  • Koozies – even better if they’re NFL
  • Football trophy

I’ll make sure to post pics when I get it all set up, but for now, start making your own plans for Game Day. #GOCOWBOYS!  What will you be doing on Super Bowl Sunday?  Why  not gather some friends together for a fun evening?  What’s your favorite football snack?

I always love to hear what's on your mind. Please comment below!