Surefire Ways to Beat Stress

Surefire Ways to Beat Stress

Hi friend.  I am so glad you’re here!  Monday could not be a better day to talk about this topic.  So tell me, do you ever feel a bit (or maybe a lot) of stress?  Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all you have to do?  Does this happen even if you don’t have a good reason to be?  Welcome to my world.

Well, that sounded pretty ridiculous, didn’t it?  Here’s what I mean.  Often I have a hundred ideas floating around in my head.  #it’sactuallyastampede  You know, things I want to do, stuff I MUST do, errands I need to run, things to pick up a the store etc.   Usually, I feel I need to do all of it now AND when I have no time to do it.  With all of that running around in my head I feel overwhelmed and stressed.  Can you relate?  One day Hubs brilliantly described it as ‘the tyranny of the urgent.’  I’m not sure if he came up with that or heard it somewhere.  I prefer to think he came up with it and therefore, I have married a brilliant man  (sshh…don’t him I said that).   Nonetheless, it describes this mindset perfectly.  Everything feels urgent and necessary.  So, it overwhelms you.

When I feel this way (which in all honesty is not a rare occurrence), it’s not good for the people around me.  You know who I’m talking about, right?  Family.  Yep, my dearest ones take the heat on this as my stress level rises.  My fuse becomes dangerously short along with my patience.  This may or may not result in a trip to the pantry. #don’tjudge  I become somewhat unreasonable in  my expectations.  Not just for myself, but for my unsuspecting family as well.   It’s no bueno, if you know what I mean.  While I hope you don’t feel this kind of stress, I also kinda hope you do- just so that I know I’m not alone in this! #selfishme

checkmark on a to do listAllow me to share with you what’s on my mind today as an example.   Currently, I am thinking about what decorating projects I want to tackle.  I recently gained a bedroom that needs to be decorated.  You can read why here.  This means I also have a bathroom that needs to be done.  Furthermore, I think my master bedroom needs a few finishing touches.  I can’t do it all at once, so which one do I tackle first when I really WANT (need) to do them all?  In addition, there are some projects I could should tackle to share with you.

Along with all that,  I wonder how many times do I need to post each week? I’m new to blogging and am trying to find my way.  Also, I have two teenage boys at home.  Suffice it to say, they take up a lot of my thoughts as well.  Did I mention that I teach?  Well, that’s a whole other set of thoughts running around.  And as per usual, I need to make a trip to the grocery store and do some laundry.  If you add into this mix a change in seasons, a holiday, or an upcoming visitor…well, it ain’t pretty.

So, I was feeling this way earlier today and then I remembered a couple things.  Actually, I was kind of feeling like this guy.  See?   Not pretty.  At all.ostrich with bit eyes


Anyway, maybe these tips will help you like they help me.

Here Are My Tips to Beat Stress

First, take a deep breath and remember that this will pass and you WILL get a handle on all those things that you’re worried about.  You always do, right?  It will all get done.  Just not all at once.  Sorry dear one, you’re good, but you’re not magical. 🙂

Next, stop for just a minute and think about what you have to be grateful for.  We ALL have something.  This just helps to give me a little perspective.   You know, I’m grateful that I have a house to worry about decorating.  I’m grateful that I have a friend that wants to visit. etc..  With gratitude in your mind (and heart), it’s hard to maintain that feeling of stress.

If all else fails, have a glass of wine.  Do some yoga.  Maybe not in that order.  That works every time!bottle of red wine being poured in to a glass

So there you have it.  Just in doing those simple things, I can re-center myself and get a better perspective.  And really, that’s all we need ~ a better perspective.  However, I would still LOVE to hear from you.  What tips can you give me for how to handle that, “HELP!  I can’t get it all done, but I have to get it all done” feeling?  After all, that’s one thing about stress…it always sneaks back!


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