Swimsuits You Won’t Dread Wearing

Swimsuits You Won’t Dread Wearing

Alright girls, it’s officially swimsuit time.  I dread this time of year EVERY year.  However, I live in Texas where’s it is HOT.  So, it’s either wear a swimsuit or hibernate from June – October.  No joke.  It’s hot here.  Anyway, I am not her to tell you how to not dread it, but I am here to tell you about a place where I’ve had some swimsuit luck.  That’s right.  I have found swimsuits you will not dread wearing.  #theholygrailofswimsuits

So, a couple of years ago I found this little online shop.  I’m sure I found it from some Pinterest picture.  I really did love the suit and I took a leap of faith and ordered it.  Let me first tell you, I am not affiliated in any way with this company.  I am just sharing the luck I’ve had.  So, they are called Divine Modestee.  The idea is that you can wear a cute, fashionable swimsuit that does not have to be revealing.  Now although, they want you to be modest, I am just concerned with keeping certain parts covered out of sheer vanity.  After all, no one wants or needs to see that!  Plus, I do feel like after a certain age, it’s not appropriate to wear some things.  Do you think that’s just because I can’t pull them off?  ha!

Anyway, I ordered this suit.  It looks just like this on me.   It looks nothing like this on me. #notamodel  However, I still love it.  Did I just say love about a swimsuit?


The top has plenty of ruching.  Gotta love ruching.  It disguises stuff well. 🙂  The bottoms are mid-rise,so not too skimpy, but not total granny panties either.   Overall, I think it’s cute, it covers, and it’s not frumpy.  The fabric is thick so it wears well and does not become see-through when wet.  Also, the top is lined.   It’s not the cheapest suit, but it’s not the most expensive by far.  The bottoms are about $32 and the top is $78.  However, right now you can save 10% when you buy tops and bottoms together.  I have to say, I love a two piece suit for the ease of getting it on and off ~ especially if you have to take a potty break while it’s wet.  Have you ever tried to peel off a one piece when wet? #thestruggleisreal


So, now that’s it’s been a couple of years with this suit, I decided to get a new one this year.  Here are a few pieces I’ve got my eye on.

Again, ruching on the top and the halter style is flattering on most women.

I love this print!  These stripes are small enough that it almost reads as a solid.  I don’t think we have to worry about the horizontal stripes.  Also, I really like the vertical ruching at the top.  If you’d like to add to that area, this would give you the illusion of a fuller bust.  I say, the fuller the bust, the smaller the waist…  Plus the little ruffle at the bottom is cute too.

So, I think this is a pic of a bikini bottom.  I, of course, would not order bikinis.  Rather, I would go for a mid-rise.  However, I do love the bright print. Would it  keep the eye moving so that it doesn’t settle on an unwanted area?  Best to keep the eye moving.

Here’s the mid-rise bottoms.  I have never done a floral print like this, but I kind of dig this.  I wonder how it would look across your back end?  Anyone ever tried a print like this?  It looks great on the model, so how could it look bad on me?  ha ha.

I really love this print!


There are tons more on their site.  It’s awesome because you can mix and match tops and bottoms ~ customize the size of each.  They have skirted bottoms too if you like those.  You can also mix and match prints, which I think is a super-cute look.

Okay girls, I hope this post is helpful.  I know swimsuit season is stressful, maybe this made it a little easier.  If you do decide to give them a try, I hope you’ll let me know what you think.  I want you to love it like I do.  Well, at least as much as you can love a swimsuit!

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  1. They`re beautiful And you`re right, they`re perfect to hide some stuff 🙂

    1. Author

      Thanks Cristina. I just ordered a couple. I am hoping they definitely hide/disguise some stuff!

  2. These are so cute! I love ruching on swimsuits, it does make a big difference.

  3. I’ve had my eye on that top suit on Pinterest for quite some time! These are all great.

  4. Visiting from Coffee and Conversation. Thank you so much for sharing this swimsuit company! They are so cute. I too live in Texas and can never find cute suites that cover me up.

    1. Author

      Well I’m so glad you found me then. You need to go check them out. I am not affiliated in any way, but I know the struggle is real when it comes to swimsuits. Thanks for visiting.

  5. I totally agree that women of a certain age shouldn’t let it all hang out. Should I ever get the nerve to put on a swimsuit these would be suitable.

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