before and after furniture makeover using Annie Sloan Chalk paint

Jenny Louise Marie Do you have any furniture that needs to be rescued?  By rescued I mean refinished, remodeled, given new life, updated, made presentable?  Surely we all have some type of unsightly or dated furnishing.  It’s not just me is it?   It might be tempting to get rid of it and replace it with something newer; however, I think many pieces (dare I say, all furniture?) can be rescued from the junk pile  with just a little bit of effort.  Okay, some pieces will require more effort, but you get the idea. I have such a piece.  It is dated (white wash finish)Read More →

Jenny Louise Marie If you’re anything like me you like to have a lovely home.  You enjoy decorating it and giving your home your special stamp and personality.  However, you are also on a budget and the sky is definitely not the limit.  Perhaps you’d like to make simple updates to some of your furniture.   Or maybe  you like to find garage sale or thrift store items and then breathe new life into them. If so, then I have 3 words for you.  Annie.  Sloan.  Paint. Oh, Annie Sloan, how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways.  At least I think that’sRead More →