blue and turquoise abstract

Jenny Louise Marie Hello friends!  I am so glad you’re here today.  Normally, I hope to offer you something that you find useful.  Sometimes it is a book recommendation.  Other times it might be a home project.  Today, I am giving you my top picks for some beautiful artwork and asking for your help in selecting a few.  Like me, if you’re in need of art for your walls, I can help save you some time because I have scoured the internet to find some great choices. First, I should preface my selections by telling you that I find myself drawn to abstract works lately.Read More →

Jenny Louise Marie Hello my friends.  I am so excited to share an awesome idea with you today.  This is something I have done in my home, and I love it!  I am sure you have walls in your home in need of some artwork.  Or maybe you’d like to add a more personal touch to your home.  Something that reflects your life and loves.  Well I have THE idea for you! There is a narrow wall in my home that overlooks my family room below.  You  can see it while sitting on my couch and every time I glance up to talk to one of myRead More →