Jenny Louise Marie Well hello friends.  It is mid-week and so far this week has proved to be very busy!  How’s your week going?  My sweet sister in-law asked me to do a post on Easter basket ideas.  I was already thinking about coming up with some ideas for making cute baskets, but she wanted ideas for what to put in them.  I am usually up for a challenge so I decided to do a little research.  Here’s some things that I think would make your kiddos Easter basket super fun and exciting ~ and not just full of candy.  That’s just me looking outRead More →

Easter table 2

Jenny Louise Marie Hello friends!  We are officially into spring and well on our way to Easter Sunday.  I don’t know about you, but Easter is definitely one of those days when my family gathers together to celebrate.  I love to host our family celebrations, and I like to make things special.  This includes setting  a beautiful table for our guests.  So, today, I’d like to show you three ideas for dressing up your Easter table.  However these ideas will also work for a simple luncheon or any kind of dinner party. Table 1 For this table, I wanted something simple and pretty.  So, IRead More →

Jenny Louise Marie Are you at all like me?  Do you look forward to each change of season because that means you’ll be decorating?  I love changing out my decor and making things feel fresh and new.  And with each change of season, you can find me online searching for new ideas and new ways to do things.    Spring is one of my favorite times to spruce things up a bit. Well, this year is no different.  Of course, if you live in Texas like I do, it’s felt like spring for a bit now and spring fever is running rampant!    I haveRead More →