Jenny Louise Marie Happy Friday!  I am so excited for this weekend.  We are headed to east Texas for our nephew’s wedding.  Do you have any fun plans?  Well, as usual, it’s Friday so I’m linking up with Erika, Andrea, and Narci for Friday Favorites to share my favorites. This week I thought I would share some of my favorite highlights ~ and few finds.  SO, let’s get this party started.   Up first, a highlight of this past week was definitely all the beautiful flowers that surrounded me.  Following a tip from other bloggers, I visited Trader Joes to check out their fresh flowers.  And wouldn’t youRead More →

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Jenny Louise Marie   Happy Friday!  I don’t know about you but I am  more than ready for the weekend.  This week has felt like a long one, and I am ready for some down time.  This Friday I’m linking up with Erika, Andrea, and Narci  again to share a few of my favorite things.  If you want to know my favorites from our last link up, you can find them here.     Without a doubt my favorite thing this week is the ’14 Days of Love’ that I am doing with Mr. LouiseMarie.  I mentioned it here.  We are alternating days and doingRead More →

Jenny Louise Marie Friends, I don’t claim to be a fashion blogger.  I claim no expertise whatsoever.  I, like many of you, just try to keep up with the trends so as not to look too dated.  Don’t you think that ages you?   Like many of you, I love a good deal, and more importantly, I want to love what I buy.  That sometimes   usually is no easy task. I appreciate all the help I can get in this area.  So, sometimes I turn to Sheaffer.  Today, I thought I would fill you in.  That’s right.  Sheaffer told me to, so I did.  And,Read More →

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Jenny Louise Marie It’s Friday!  #hiphiphooray!  That means it’s time for Friday favorites.  This week I’m joining the fun and linking up with Erika, Andrea, and Narci to share a few of my favorite things right now. Let’s start things off with my latest favorite.  Date night!  No, it’s not a new concept to me.  However, if you follow me, you might have read about my goal to infuse some fun and attention into my marriage.  (I wrote all about it here.)  You know, if you’ve been with the same person for a some time, things might start to operate on auto pilot.  That’s no good. Read More →

Jenny Louise Marie Hey there.  You know, January is a good time to look back at the last year and kind of take stock of where you’ve been.  Along those lines, I thought it would be fun to take a look back at the books I read and pick my favorite books of 2017. First, I was surprised when I looked back at my list to see that I read 27 books this past year. While I realize that many people read a lot more than that, I, nonetheless, impressed myself. (wink) Some I loved and some….not so much.  In case you missed any of theRead More →

Jenny Louise Marie I’m not sure where I first saw the favorites party idea.  It was probably Pinterest as it is the database of all great ideas.   I decided this was the year to give it a try.  After much debate, I decided to host a party over the holidays.  Although, I do think there are other times of the year that might work even better.  I reached out to my trust online invitation source and threw together an invitation and sent those off.  I wanted to give plenty of notice to my guests so that they could fit this into their schedule and theirRead More →

Jenny Louise Marie Hey there friends!  We’ve made to the half way point in the week!  It’s now a downhill slide into the weekend.  So, what’s your week been like?  I went out to grab some fun things to “boo” my neighbor with for Halloween.  I ran into Home Goods (#favorite) and got totally side-tracked by all the Christmas stuff.  Honestly, the thought of decorating for the holidays makes me so excited.  How about you?  Anyway, today is not even remotely holiday related.  Today’s What’s Up Wednesday is all about some cool new finds that I thought I’d share with you. First, let me beginRead More →