We transformed our patio. Here's how we did it.

Jenny Louise Marie Hey!  Glad to see you.  I am so excited that I finally get to share our newly improved patio!   That’s right, today I will reveal my patio makeover that we’ve been working on for a while.  You might remember that I started my patio makeover a few months ago when I wrote about adding life back into your patio furniture here.  Well, after that was done, it was time to start making our patio more of an outdoor living space. That is exactly what I have done.  So, you want to see the transformation? First, let me show you what we started with.Read More →

Bathroom Makeover from start to finish.

Jenny Louise Marie Hello and welcome!  I am glad you  came to visit.  If you’ve visited before, you already know that I do enjoy a good home project.  I love making improvements to our home.  And, I’ve got another one to share today.  So, grab a beverage , sit down, and enjoy the bathroom makeover project that I just tackled.  You can enjoy the befores and afters without even breaking a sweat.  I already did that for you! First off, let me just say, there was nothing wrong with this bathroom when I started.  It’s a new home and so I don’t have any majorRead More →

Jenny Louise Marie Landscaping a yard can be fun and fulfilling, and it can also be frustrating and a money sucker.  We realized a long time ago that in order to reap the benefits of our landscaping investment, we needed to resist the urge to buy those pretty plants at the garden centers. #welearnedthisthehardway #cha-ching  We needed a plan, and that means professional help which will look at the long-term solution.   It means working with some who actually KNOWS what they’re doing and not just planting some pretty stuff. North Texas summers can be brutal to people and landscapes.  So we decided to goRead More →