Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

This year Mr. LouiseMarie and I are celebrating 14 days of love.  Starting on February 1st, we will alternate days and do something loving/romantic for the other.  These are going to be small gestures with more thought than just a gift.  You can find some of those ideas here.   However, I know some of you are still searching for something unique for your honey.  So, as promised, I have put together this Valentine’s Day gift guide to help you get just the right thing.

Hopefully one of these gift ideas will be perfect for you.  So, let’s get right to it.Date Night Bucket List is a great Valentine's Day gift.This Date Night Bucket list gives you ideas for  date night activities.  As you complete each date, you write the date on the back of each  stick.  You can find it here. 


 Spicy nuts from around the world are a great Valentine's gift idea.

If your guy loves spicy foods, then this collection of spicy nuts from around the world is sure to be a hit.  Click here to order this gift.



This Atlas Obscura is a great gift idea for someone who loves to travel or has a sense of adventure.  Click here to find the book and here to find the page a day desk calendar version.



Spinning Heart Message Box is a great gift for Valentine's Day.

I LOVE this gift idea.  I would love to get this, and I would love to give it.  It’s not often that you find something that’s truly different.  This spinning heart box holds a mirrored surface on the inside.  The gift giver is able to write a “love note” via the app and send it to the box, wherever it is.  When the box gets the message, the heart starts to spin.  That’s the cue for the giftee to open the box and receive their love note.  It’s an old-fashioned love note in a new digital world!    Of course, it’s only really cool if the giver remembers to send more than one note, right?  This is perfect for long-distance relationships or if one of you travels a lot.


A compass to tell your Valentine you'd be lost without them is a perfect gift for Valentine's Day.

I can imagine the sweetest note about how you would be “lost” without your Valentine, or how they are always “home” to you.  So sweet, right?  You can find that here.


These gummy bears would be a perfect Valentine's Day gift for your Valentine.









How about bourbon bears for your guy?  Or maybe she’d like champagne bears?  Whatever your Valentine  likes,  you can find them here.  And if these aren’t quite the right thing, there are plenty of other options at Sugarfina.


A Birchbox subscription for your Valentine would be a great Valentine's gift.I’ve mentioned before, here, that a subscription box would make a great gift.  Birchbox has subscriptions for men and women.  Other subscription boxes include, socks, beers, wines, gaming, sweet treats…you name it, and you can find it.


Date Night idea cards make a great Valentine gift.

This is a set of 52 date night idea cards.  These would have to be given with a promise of a date night each week, of course.  You can find them here.


Your anniversary date in Roman numerals make a great Valentine's Day gift.
Your anniversary date in Roman numerals make a great Valentine’s Day gift.  Or maybe you’d like to remember the date of your first date.  This is a sweet way to remember your special date.

A gold print of the sound wave as you say a sweet nothing to your Valentine make a great Valentine's Day gift.

A print like this would be a neat gift to give or receive.  You can have your personal message or favorite saying made into a sound wave and printed in gold foil.  I think this would be a memorable and special gift.

Okay, I admit that this next one is not a traditional gift, but I bet some of you know someone who would love this exact gift.  Any Game of Thrones fans out there?  This is for you.An out of the box Valentine's Day gift.



Love Art is a very personal gift for your Valentine.

Love Art is a very personal gift for your Valentine.


Love is Art is a kit that you buy for you AND your Valentine to paint together.  Since I cannot think of an appropriate way to explain how, I will leave it to your imagination.  I know that some of you would love this gift ~ or your Valentine would love it.   If this is something that interests you, you can find it here, here, and lots of options here.

A personalized piece of jewelry makes a romantic Valentine's Day gift idea.

A personalized piece of jewelry makes a romantic Valentine's Day gift idea.

Okay, since my data shows that many of you readers are men ( what?), let me throw in a couple of ideas for the ladies.  A personalized piece of jewelry makes a sweet, sentimental gift.  These are both inexpensive, costume jewelry.  If your budget allows, you could find something similar in silver or gold.    


Flowers are a great Valentines Day gift.

While I do think red roses are terribly cliché as a Valentine’s Day gift, I do love to get fresh flowers.  As long as you think outside of the box, I think flowers are a great gift for your Valentine.  How about pink peonies?  Tulips?

And just because I saw this and thought, this is such a guy gift, I have to share this idea.  These floating speakers would no doubt make someone happy.  You know he’d love it, right?  Click here to buy these.

Floating speakers make a great Valentine's Day gift.


And one last ~ weird ~ Valentine’s Day gift….

Yep…lightbulbs.  I know Mr. LouiseMarie would love to have some smart lightbulbs to automate the lights at home.  You can find a whole kit here.  I will admit, these are not what I would think of as a good, romantic gift.  However, if you lean more towards the practical, these would be a good option.  If you want other ideas to make your home a smart home, you can find other options here.

If you are still in need of Valentine’s Day gift ideas, including some ideas for kids, you can find more here.  And, if you like getting ideas like these, please join my email list here so that I can let you in on each new post.

Well friends, I hope you have found at least one idea for your Valentine’s Day gift.  Or, maybe you’ve found an idea that you need to give to someone, a hint if you will. {wink} .  Either way, I hope you have a Valentine’s Day that’s full of sweet moments.


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  1. Celebrating 14 days of love is such a sweet idea, Jenny. I’m sure it will bring out a deeper appreciation of one another. You’ve rounded up some really great ideas here. (Maybe you’ll convince hubby to get you one of those necklaces in the round up 😉 I love the heart-shaped pendant myself!).

    1. Author

      Thanks for the kind words. Our 14 days is off to a great start. You’ll have to check back in and see how it goes. I appreciate you stopping by.

  2. My sister-in-law bought those nuts for me. They are really good. Each one has a slightly different kick.

  3. There are some lovely ideas here, Jenny! I particularly like the love note box. What a fun, and romantic, idea! Thank you for sharing and for being a part of the Hearth and Soul Link Party!

  4. Wow. This is amazing so many incredible and quirky gifts. I love the idea of a sound wave picture X #twinklyTuesday

  5. I lovet the 14 days of love idea! The roman numerals anniversary date is a lovely unique gift #twinklytuesday

    1. Author

      The 14 days of love is going great! It’s been one of the best things we’ve done. I’ll write more about that later.

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