15 Awesome Valentine’s Day Ideas

15 Valentine's Ideas

15 Awesome Valentine’s Day Ideas

Hello my friend.  I’m glad you stopped by today.  Are you aware that Valentine’s Day is quickly sneaking up on us?  It will be here before you know it.  I hate when a holiday or special occasion sneaks up on me and I am unprepared and scrambling.   Therefore, in order to help you out today I have found some super cute Valentine’s Day crafts and ideas to help you make this day extra special and filled with love.


15 Awesome Valentine’s Day Ideas


melted crayon Valentine1.   Here’s a fun idea if you have any random piles of crayons in your house  – broken or otherwise.  I did these one year with my boys and they were a hit.  It’s pretty simple to melt the crayons in a candy mold.  This cute bag topper makes it really fun.


Date Night Valentines

2.  So we’ve just recovered from all our holiday spending (or not) and you may not want to spend lots of money for V-day.  Here’s a fun idea for your honey.  Pre-planned date nights.  I don’t know about you, but I would LOVE to receive this one.

ruffle heart shaped wreaths

3.  Are you the type that likes to add a few festive touches to your decor.  If so, these heart shaped wreaths would be quick, easy, and very inexpensive.  These would even be cute sitting in a book shelf.


Picnic date night invite with spoons and hearts

4.  I LOVE this idea.  I would have totally done this when my boys were younger.  It’s a picnic date night.  These are especially fun and romantic after you’ve put the kids to bed.  Who wouldn’t like to do this?

coffee cup wrapper with bunting and french writing

5.  Next idea,  how fun are these?  These are cute printable coffee cup covers.  I think these would be adorable for coworkers.  You could surprise them with their favorite morning coffee or cocoa or even fill it with some tissue paper and a gift card.  I know my teacher friends would enjoy this nice surprise and the cute cover makes it twice as nice. 🙂

heart shaped wire bracelet

6.  So, I’ve never even attempted jewelry making or working with any kind of wire.  However, there are those of you who know exactly how to do this.  This tutorial looks pretty easy and it is something I would love to receive.  If you decide to make one of these, make one extra for me! 🙂


bright colored heart shaped hand warmers

7.  The color of these hand warmers are so fun!  Heart and hand warmers is what these are called, and they would be a great way to use up some spare fabric you may have laying around.  I made some of these out of felt one year and filled them with beans.  All the kids in class loved the fun beanbags.  #bonusidea

superhero valentine with tootsie pop

8.  As a mom of boys, I can tell you with authority that these Valentines would be a total hit!  They are so cute!  Don’t all kids love Superheroes?  Love these!

mason jars filled with m&ms from eighteen25

9.  Again, I would love to be on the receiving end of this cute idea.  These mason jars are so cute and can be filled with any fun Valentine candy.  The jars came from Target, but I haven’t seen these in person.  Special note…if you are making one of these for your child’s teacher, sometimes a treat other than candy is really appreciated. 🙂

valentine printable

10.  Since I love free and easy, here you go.  Get a free printable for yourself  here.   You can use this in a frame and add it to a table.  Additionally, you could make a small one for a lunch bag for your kiddo, make it into a Valentine’s Day card.  There are lots of things you can do with these.  I really love to find these, print them off, and add them to a white frame to sit on an end table or shelf.


pink and white heart cone shaped topiaries

11.  So, if I had a little girl or younger boys that would appreciate my efforts at making this tree, I would be totally in.  These little heart topiaries are precious!  However, with teenage boys, pink hearts are not that popular at my house.  I would love to see pics if you make one of these.


treat filled mason jars with heart toppers

12.  Here‘s another cute mason jar idea for you.  I love the addition of the vinyl to the jar.  Sparkle vinyl would be super cute on these, and if you own a craft cutter it only takes a few minutes to do it.


heart shaped leather keychain with love words stamped on them

13.  I think these leather hearts are awesome!  They are shown here as a keychain, but I can see them as a bag charm, a necklace, or shrink it down and make it a charm for a bracelet.  This kind of makes me wish I knew about how to work with leather.  I think these would be especially cool for a guy as a keychain.

Treat filled weekly medicine box with love notes

14.  Celebrate Valentine’s for an entire week – or at least let your honey celebrate.  This idea is for seven days of love.  I think it’s a fun idea.  Moreover, it would be cool as a lead up to the big day.  I think it could build the anticipation.


printed school valentines

15.  Are you not a fan of the generic, store bought Valentines?  Well, these would be just as easy – maybe even easier since you don’t have to run to the store.  All you need is some card stock and a printer to make these adorable Valentines for classmates.


table decorated in pink and red with balloons

And bonus!  I couldn’t resist this beautiful table from Starfish Cottage.   Why not celebrate the day of love with the whole family and make it a real celebration.  I think sitting at this table would certainly make you feel special.

Hope these ideas gave you a little inspiration.  Sometimes I see someone else’s great idea and use it as a jumping off place to build my own idea.  So, thanks to all the creatives out there who dreamed all of these ideas up.  I appreciate you!  Make sure to comment below and let me know which one is your favorite.


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