Wednesday Wondering

Wednesday Wonderings - stuff that's on my mind and making me go hmm...

Wednesday Wondering

Hello friends.  We have made it to the half way point of our week.  And, if your like me, you’ve survived state testing.  It’s two days of the year that I don’t look forward to.  BUT, they are behind me now and I’m sliding into home…summer break!  So, it’s Wednesday and that means it’s time for me to share what I’m wondering about ~ those random thoughts that boggle my mind.  Come on, surely you have random thoughts too…. be brave and share them in the comments below. 🙂  Let’s get to it.

Is It TOO Late?

So, I recently went into my dermatologist to pick up my facial cleanser.  The aesthetician happened to be in the lobby so I took that opportunity to ask her if there was anything new and great that I should be using.  Of course she pointed me to a $250 “magic” potion.  Then I made the mistake of asking about Botox, fillers, etc..   It was a mistake because she basically told me I was too late.

She said she started getting Botox in her twenties.  For real?  Was anyone else considering that stuff in their twenties?  Am I the only one who never even considered it?  Maybe it wasn’t even a thing then.  She said there’s nothing to be done about the lines I have now.  So, I ask you, is this true?  I don’t feel like I’m a lost cause.  I really wasn’t even considering getting injections, I was just curious.  Hearing her tell me that there’s nothing I can do was not what I was expecting.

I’m all about doing the best with what you’ve got.  We all age.  All of us.  I don’t want to take drastic measures to prevent it, but I would like to gracefully resist the complete falling apart of my face and body.  You know, doing what you can to keep things looking good.  Can anyone relate to what I’m saying?


Moms of Little Ones


Oh my goodness!  I got to spend the weekend with my 18 month old twin niece and nephew this past weekend.  (no, that’s not them up there)  What a treat.  They were adorable, of course, and full of energy, of course.  Needless to say, it has been a while since I have spent that kind of time with such little bittys.  I had so much fun with them.  However, hats off to all you mammas out there and all you full-time caregivers.  I had forgotten how it feels to spend the entire day and night doing nothing but chasing little ones around. How mind-numbing kid TV shows can really be had completely left my memory.  I had forgotten the struggle to keep an eye on them at all times and to try to figure out what in the world they want when they can’t speak.

I had a total ball with them.  Honestly.  But if you are a mom to a little one or you spend your entire day caring for them, I just want to tell you that you doing a great job.  What you do for them is priceless and important work for those kiddos and for our society so that they end of up being amazing people in the future.


Speaking of Moms

I am a mother of three boys who I adore.  Motherhood has been more than I knew it would be.  It’s been full of joy and struggle.  It has been a source of pride and a source of stress.  It’s been exhilarating and exhausting.   On more than one occasion I have been grateful that I didn’t wait “too long’ to start my family.  And after this past weekend, I feel strongly that I could not do the job of full-time mommy to a baby at my age.  I don’t know, maybe it’s the effect of age or maybe I’ve just got more selfish about things like sleep or the freedom to what I want when I want to do it.  Either way I don’t think I could.  This makes me wonder…do you think there’s an age that is too old to just be starting a family?  Do you think that parents can still be excellent, energetic caregivers in their fifties?  The article below amazes me…giving birth at 50?  I guess all things are possible…


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So, that’s what I’ve been pondering.  What about you?  What’s on your mind this week?  Comment below and let me know.


Until next time~


  1. First let me say i love the blog colors It screams cheerful and happy. I ‘m 34 with no kids and wonder if I’m going to be able to work and be a good mommy. It’s something I stress over because I want to be there for my kids but I don’t want to leave the financial burden on my husband. Decisions…..

    1. Author

      That’s so nice! What a sweet compliment. I’m glad it says happy to you ~ that’s just what I wanted. Plus, those colors make me feel happy too. I totally understand your dilemma. Don’t worry too much. It will become very clear when the situation arises. 🙂 I’m sure you’ll make the right decision.

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