Wednesday Wondering

Wednesday Wonderings - stuff that's on my mind and making me go hmm...

Wednesday Wondering

Hello dear reader.  Thanks for stopping by today.  This is the time every week where I share with you what’s on my mind.  Seriously random thoughts and often times, totally mind-blowing.    Truly.   I won’t keep you in suspense any longer, dear reader.  Let’s get right to what’s been running through my mind lately.


Have I mentioned that I am a teacher?  You cannot imagine the amount of topics that I could write about based on my job alone.  Suffice it to say, some of this stuff you simply cannot make up.  That brings me to this thought that blows my mind.  Are you ready?  You are not going to believe this, but it’s totally, 100% true.  We have had a problem from time to time with (forgive me for this ) poop being found on the walls of the bathroom.  Truly, some person chose to wipe with their hand and then smear the evidence on the bathroom wall.  Gross!  Beyond gross! I know.  I can’t help but wonder….why?  Why would someone do this?  It has happened too often for it to be just one child doing it.  In some cases the child will admit to it if questioned.   Still, why?

I will not even go into the parent reactions to this and how I am unable to understand them.  Is this lack of parenting? Acting out?  Perhaps just total disrespect?  Are these children even embarrassed by  their actions?  Tell me dear reader.  Can you shed light on this one for me?

By the way, I am intentionally leaving no pictures for this. Who would want to see it?  #trustme #youdon’t

Hot Flashes

That was starting things off with a bang, right?  How to follow that one up?  Sadly I will have to just go back to ordinary wonderings.  So, here goes ~ how long are we, poor women, expected to endure hot flashes and other indignities of our age?  Judging by the ladies I spend my days with, I KNOW I am not alone in this trauma.  Has anyone else simply been sitting at dinner in a restaurant and suddenly found herself sweating?  I mean hot flashes at home are one thing.  Being awakened from being on fire – inconvenient and annoying.  But, out in public where people see what’s going on!  Seriously, for how long does this go?



donkey and elephant political symbol

No, don’t worry, I am not going to talk about my personal political beliefs.  However, since the election, I have been, quite frankly, amazed at the backlash and anger in our country.  Regardless of who we may or may not have wanted to win the election, isn’t it time that we simply get on board?  I mean this man is our President, like it or not.  Doesn’t the office alone hold a certain amount of respect?  It seems to me you should get involved and try to create the change you want to see in the world rather than drone on and on about it in social media.   All of the hatred ~at least that is how it looks to me~  is really overkill and mind-blowing to me.  And, really sad and disheartening.


Lady Gaga

You have to be kidding me.  I knew that people would do  it, but I still can’t believe it.  Who has the nerve to comment in a negative way about her body and that tiny little tummy she showed at the Super Bowl?  I would happily trade bodies with her myself and then prance around in the world’s tiniest bikini.  So there!  I guess it’s true.  Haters gonna hate.  Still, this whole topic makes me want to pull my hair out.


Well, there you have it.  That’s what’s on my mind right now as I write.  I think a GNO is in order so that I can ask the other ladies what’s on their minds.  Don’t forget to comment below and let me know what you’re thinking.



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