Wednesday Wonderings

Wednesday Wonderings - stuff that's on my mind and making me go hmm...

Wednesday Wonderings

Hello sweet friends.  It seems that these Wednesday Wonderings post is sort of popular – at least according to Google (& really, doesn’t Google know all?).  I wonder why?  Is it that you too have completely random things that you wonder about and so you can relate?  Or are you laughing at how  completely I am?  Either way, I’m happy to rant share on.  So, let’s just jump right in to this week’s very important thoughts.  🙂

Teacher Gifts

teacher gift of candy and cookies

Can we talk for a minute?  Teachers, by and large, are women.  As women, don’t most of us worry about gaining weight, losing weight, or how much we weigh?  (It is a gazillion dollars a year industry, so I am going to say yes.)  That being said, why is it that the go to small gift/token item sent in to a teacher is m&m candy teacher giftcandy bar teacher giftcandy or chocolate?  Are teachers immune to the effects of chocolate?  Every idea I see on Pinterest involves some type of candy treat.  They are adorable, no doubt.  However, do you think a teacher might appreciate a Sonic drink or a protein bar instead?  I’m just throwing that idea out there….




Right to Privacy?

no privacy cartoon

So, with all the media attention on our government’s ability to listen in on our phone conversations or use our cell phones to listen in at home, etc…  I’ve been wondering.  On the one hand I feel like who cares.  I mean I have nothing to hide, nothing of interest to the government, and if they are working to keep us safe, then I that’s okay.  On the other hand I feel like it’s an invasion of our right to privacy.  I also worry that perhaps the government is overstepping.

So, what to do?  What to think about this?  Mr. Louise Marie feels pretty strongly about upholding our constitutional rights.  I tend to feel more like, let’s just keep everybody safe and do whatever it takes to do that.  Perhaps that’s the momma in me.  I don’t know.  What do you think about this?  Do you think this is a BIG deal?



boy sleepovers

In the spirit of transparency, I will tell you that I as I type I am wondering why I agreed to another sleepover at my house.  Every time I have had the joy (insert sarcastic font) of hosting a sleepover,  I have wished I hadn’t.  Truth be told, I feel like a bad mom for even saying such a thing; however, I do not like them.  Does anything good ever come out of a sleepover?

You gather a number of children who proceed to act silly and loud.  In addition, they have the remarkable ability to never go to sleep!  They eat nonstop as well.  Fun for them, but not so fun for the “responsible parent” aka bad guy, who has to try to get them to sleep or be quiet because dad has to get up in the morning etc…  As of now, the 5 teenage boys who have been at my house for 15 hours, have not slept for more than an hour or so.  Seriously?  I am tired of hearing them talk.  How much could they have to say??

And another thing, I wonder, how old is too old for sleepovers?   My son would never call it a sleepover.  He just says he wants friends to come “hang out.”  Aha!  Maybe that’s because there really is no sleeping involved.

Signed, World’s Crankiest, Meanest Mom



This just in…. Said teenage son who is having the friends “hang out” all night just informed me that he is never doing this again.  Yippee!!!  And double joy…they have decided to go on a morning walk because “the air feels so good in your lungs.”  My cup runneth over.

woman jumping for joy

*Thanks to Google Images for photos*


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