Wednesday Wonderings

Wednesday Wonderings - stuff that's on my mind and making me go hmm...

Wednesday Wonderings

Welcome to Wednesday Wonderings… a time when I share with you the random stuff I wonder about.   Maybe you can help me out and give me some insight or answers to my questions.  Or maybe you wonder about the same thing and want to throw your two cents in with me. #ventandgetitout Either way,I’d love to hear what you think about the stuff that makes me go hmmm or the stuff that makes you go hmmm.



pink and white striped DIY sign

When do you make a project a DIY and when do you call in the professional?

I am all about DIYing.  I am not afraid to pick up a paintbrush and go to town.  And a little labor never hurts – except maybe outside when it’s 110 degrees.  However, over the years and many DIY projects with hubby, I wonder about DIYs.  Sometimes they don’t turn out quite as well as you hoped – especially if you are very detail oriented and your partner is not.  Speaking of partners – what if your expectations are different from your partners?  For instance, the grill hubs built-in the backyard….I thought it would take a weekend or two tops.   Actually, it took LOTS of weekends – which left me with no patio to enjoy while we were under construction.  During the BEST weather in Texas. 🙁  So, I wonder if sometimes it’s better to pay the bucks and have a pro take care of things even if you could do it yourself?



movie film and popcorn

I wonder, is there an original idea left in Hollywood?   Seriously, how many movies can they remake, reboot, and add onto?  I am tired of superhero and comic book movies?  Anyone else?  And on that note, I’d like a movie where people don’t get blown up.  Is that too much to ask?  Don’t get me wrong, I love a good action movie ~ sometimes.  I just appreciate a movie that doesn’t rely on adrenaline rushes or gratuitous sex scenes.  Or do you think this feeling might be due to living in a house full of men?  #nochickflicksever  Anyone with me on that?  Oh, and don’t even get me started on how much they charge for popcorn and soda!


Throw Pillows

beige throw pillows

Which throw pillows are better?  Down or down alternative?  Or is there one even better?  Seriously, can you believe the things I think about??  Allergy issues aside, is there a difference in the pillows?  There is definitely a price point difference.  What are your favorite kind of pillows?  And do you think you can have too many throw pillows in a room?


Cleaning Wood Floors

empty room with shiny wood floors

So, even though we hear don’t get your wood floors wet, does anyone REALLY live like that?  Surely we ALL have to mop them from time to time.   Right?  If you don’t, how do you get them clean?  Seriously,  dust mopping just doesn’t cut it when you have kids and dogs.  Sometimes you need to really clean them.  So, when that happens, what’s your favorite cleaner to use?  I’ve used Bona for years, but I alway wonder if I missing out on something better.  It’s that whole dilemma  of not wanting to “waste” money on something I don’t like.  Yet, how will know if you don’t try it?  So, what’ s your favorite type of cleaner to use for wood floors?  And please tell me that you mop them too…pretty please. 🙂



woman with red lips next to jars of skincare items
Skincare products

Let’s talk skin care.  I use a wonderful skin care line that I get from my dermatologist.  However, over the years, I have used every line out there.  I’ve used the pricey stuff and the cheaper stuff.  After all that time and experience, I wonder… once you’ve moved into prestige cosmetic or skin care lines, are they all kind of the same?  I know some are for sensitive skin, dry skin, etc…  However, are they all of equal quality?  Do you think sometimes you’re paying for the name on the bottle rather than a product that W.O.R.K.S  Seriously, I need this stuff to perform. #tryingtofightaging   Sadly, at my age a simple moisturizer is no longer enough.  I’m happy to pay $$$ IF there are real results.  Where do you stand on this?  Any skin care routines or lines that you swear by?  Tell me – enquiring minds want to know.

So there you have it…the random wonderings I do on a daily basis.  I would love for you to chime in on some of these in the comments below.  I can’t wait to hear what you think!  And don’t forget to check back next Wednesday for some fresh new wonderings or even better – sign up for my email so you don’t miss even one random thought.

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