What NOT to Get Mom for Mother’s Day

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What NOT to Get Mom for Mother’s Day

We’re all friends here right?  Yes?  Okay then I am going to get real about Mother’s Day and what we moms really want and what we DO NOT want.  First of all, let’s talk about what Mother’s Day is.  It’s a day to show our love and appreciation for the moms in our lives.  The women who gave us life, cared for us, taught us to be the people we are today, and are still in our corner cheering us on all the time.  There is nothing like the unconditional love of a mother.

I think it’s safe to say that most mothers spend the majority of their time caring for their families.  In one way or another, moms are putting the love of their families above their own desires.   So for this one special day a year, I like to think about how I can honor my mother and mother in law.  I try to find a gift that will convey how much we love and appreciate them.  At the same time, I’m a mom too.  I know what I would love and I know what would not make me feel special.  #browncandles #notagoodgift  It’s not all about the gift, but a gift can convey a lot of feelings if chosen carefully.  Likewise, a gift without much thought can hurt a person’s feelings. I’ve had both, and that’ where I can help you.

Before I really get going on this topic, let me be clear about a few things.  First of all, those sweet little handmade, homemade gifts from our kiddos are trinkets we treasure forever.  They are precious and priceless.  I am not talking about those gifts.  Second, let’s agree that hubbys need to step up to the plate on Mother’s Day and not leave it up to the kids.  After all we are the mother of their children and that is no easy task.

Now that we’ve got the ground rules out-of-the-way, let’s begin with what should not be gifted on Mother’s Day.   These are the things that do not convey “you are so important to me.”

Anything in a mason jar.  Really.  I don’t care what cute little tag is tied to it.   ~ Unless it’s stuffed with $20s. ~  #kidding   I mean a mason jar does not say “you are so important to me and I think you are an amazing mother”~ at least in my opinion.  A pedicure in a jar?  No thanks.  However, a gift card to go get a mani/pedi would be a lovely gift because it gives mom some much deserved pampering time.

Let’s continue to add to the list of no go items.  Unless you have requested a specific item and given a specific size, men should not attempt to buy clothing for us.  There is quite simply, too much that could go wrong.  If they buy a size too big, you might be offended.  If they buy a size too small, you might feel embarrassed to admit it.  It’s really a lose-lose situation.  Not to mention, if they go off on their own, they may not even come close to finding something you will like.  Then you’re left with,  “do I wear it anyway?” or “do I return it and risk hurting his feelings?”   These waters are really full of danger.  It’s best to just leave clothing gifts to the professionals or gift cards.  Been there.  Done that.  Trust me. Not worth it.

Along those same lines, I think hubbys should not attempt to  assemble a gift basket.  Inevitably, these baskets won’t be filled appropriately and could end up being a disappointment.  Not to stereotype all men, but generally, these are not the details they pay attention to.  We do not want a basket of beef jerky, right?  It’s best for them to stick with one that’s already been made or a list of specific items for a basket such as the ones I found here.


Moving right along, men,  please do not give us any type of candy.  Even if it is our favorite.  Especially if it is our favorite.   Moreover, don’t arrange it into a “flower arrangement” of chocolate to give us.  We are women.  Grown ups.  We are constantly obsessing about what we eat and how long we have until swimsuit season.  Don’t add to the anxiety.  The truth is, we will eat it.  We will then feel guilty about eating it  We will then stress about eating it.  Does that sound like a super fun Mother’s Day?


This next idea does not apply to the mom who is a garden lover and enjoys getting out and frolicking in the yard.  However, the rest of us do not want a live plant.  We will stress about inevitably killing it.  This is just one more thing for us to be responsible for and we don’t need or want to be responsible for any other living thing.  We’ve got enough.  Getting a plant would be somewhat akin to giving us a puppy to feed and train.  Just don’t.  On the flip side though, a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers would be nice.

 What TO Buy

So, I’ve told you what mom’s don’t want, now let me tell you what we would love.  Who am I kidding?  Let me tell you some things that I would love to get.  Here’s the part that will come in handy for your man.  Therefore, copy and paste this into an email  or send him the link.

First up, a new spring bag.  Something special and fun.  Disclaimer  –  I’m a handbag kind of girl.  Love them.  Can’t get enough.  I especially love a good tote.  If you’re like me, may I suggest a Barrington bag?  They come in all sorts of prints, colors. and sizes.  You can add a monogram as well.  Here’s one I’ve got my eye on. (hint, hint Mr. LouiseMarie)

How adorable is this pineapple bag?  Or, if you want to follow the trends this season, small crossbody bags are very “it” right now.  Itty bitty bags.   Here’s one cute option also from Barrington.

Maybe a crossbody isn’t really her style.  How about a sassy clutch?  I’ve had this calf hair number on my list for a while.  I think it will add edge to any outfit.  This one I found on Etsy for under $100.  It instantly says date night, right?



And this calf hair one is similar.  It’s from Nordstrom and under $50.  That’s a steal.

Another thing that moms everywhere would love would be a sentimental piece of jewelry.  A charm bracelet that could be added to each year is always great.  Or, take that one step further and begin a Pandora bracelet.  Even sweeter, have you seen those charms that have your child’s fingerprint or perhaps their handwriting engraved on it?  I think those would be very sweet as well.  One final thought, how about these stacking rings with each child’s name engraved on them?  I would love these as well.


I think Mother’s Day is the prefect opportunity to shower mom with those things that she wouldn’t normally get for herself.  If mom is ordinarily sensible and responsible, then she probably has a hard time spending money on herself for perfume .  Why not treat her to a new scent.  Or, how about giving her a break from the usual routine and sending her off to enjoy a massage or facial?  Even better, treat mom to having the house cleaned.  That’s a chore any mom would gladly take a break from. Even if it’s just one time, mom will love it.

Well, friends, there you have it.  My slightly unconventional (and tongue in cheek)  suggestions for what not to get and what to get mom on her special day.  And let me add to this by saying that if these gifts are not in your budget or maybe not your taste, Mother’s Day really is all about honoring our mothers.  Those amazing women who sacrificed for us so that we could have the lives that we have today.  Moms give us roots and wings that we then give to our own children.  Whatever you decide to do for the moms in your life, please just take the time to let her know how important and special she is to you.  That is the most important thing.

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I wish you all a wonderful Mother’s Day.

Until next time~


  1. Love your cute purse suggestions! My very first Mother’s Day I received a pretty charm bracelet. Since then, I’ve gotten some type of garden decor. The “highlight” being a mosaic turtle. What?! More kids has somehow meant more metal pinwheels, stepping stones or a large blue garden peacock. Not sure what’s going on here! 😉 Visiting from Remodelaholic.

    1. Author

      Ha ha! I can totally relate! One of my best ones was a pair of brown square candles. Did I mention that my home at the time was done in reds, golds, and greens? Not sure what the thought there was. Glad you stopped by!

  2. Wow. I am a mother of two, and I have some objection to every single one of your suggestions! If my family read this, they’d end up getting me something I wouldn’t like. I guess the moral is, “Get to know your mom as a person, think about what that special individual does and doesn’t like, and choose a thoughtful gift that honors her personality.”

    My mom and I are alike in what we LEAST like to get for Mother’s Day or any gift-receiving occasion: A useful object that is made useless except for display purposes. For example, when I was in elementary school, my class painted wooden spoons to give to our moms. My mom graciously thanked me for it and did hang it up, but a few months later she told me, “You know, I would rather you give me a wooden spoon that I can use, and paint me a picture.”

    1. Author

      Yes, I think that is a good moral to take away from this. That just goes to show you that we are unique. 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by today!

  3. I do love a cute handbag. The Mason Jar things is kind of “done” isn’t it? Thanks for sharing at Monday Social. I am with you on the candy.

  4. Love this!!! I completely agree — NO generic gift baskets or candy!

  5. I love it! Thank you for standing up for all of us Mom’s around the world! 🙂

  6. Great posts. I love the little things. Love those charm bracelets.
    Thanks for sharing at Over The Moon Party.

    1. Author

      Thank you Beverly. I love the charm bracelets too. I actually have a few. They are kind of sentimental to me. Thanks for visiting.

  7. Now this made me smile – especially the bit about chocolate! Bless him, my husband always buys me flowers instead of candy for Valentine’s and Easter. I really like your ideas for what to buy for Mother’s Day too! Thank you for sharing with us at Hearth and Soul!

    1. Author

      Thanks April. Yes, we need hubbys to read up on what we really want. Here’s hoping mine reads this too.

  8. This is cute! I so agree with the mason jar thing, they’re just played out and cheesy at this point. I don’t think my kids would get me that clutch purse though. They know better then to give me something I have to hold the whole time…..since I’m already holding all their stuff lol! They would get me the candy though! Maybe I’ll get lucky this year and they’ll go to Cheesecake Factory and get me like 4 different flavors of cheesecake to go! *sigh* That would be heaven!

    Have a great mother day!


    1. Author

      Hi Lisa. Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I think the mason jars should be done now. I am also hoping my kids read this post as well. They are older now – so here’s hoping. 😉 Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

  9. Love your list of not to buy items. I too am a handbag girl but I unfortunately would not want one for Mother’s day only because I am picky and have received one for Christmas from my family. I have used it out of the “do I still use it?’ even though I don’t care for it. 🙂 Thank you for sharing at Ravenwould.

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