What the Teacher Really Wants – A Round Up of Ideas

What the Teacher Really Wants – A Round Up of Ideas

Ladies, can we have a real, honest conversation?  Today I want to discuss gifts for the teacher – the ones teachers really want.  I know that Teacher Appreciation Week is approaching in a few short weeks, and many of you are trying to come up with adorable gifts for your little one to take to his/her teacher.  Well, let me help you with this task.  After all, you don’t really KNOW this teacher.  It’s hard to figure out something good, right?  I know exactly what the teacher really wants.

I remember the days when I searched high and low for an adorable teacher gift.  You want to come up with something that expresses your appreciation and reflects well on you and your little one.  You want it to look cute and memorable in the midst of all the gifts that will be arriving.  I did too.  But are you sure that your gift is something the teacher wants?  Are you sure she will even use it?  Wouldn’t you like to know that the teacher likes whatever you send in?  That is kind of the point of a gift, isn’t it?  And after all, nobody likes to spend money and have it wasted.

At the same time, no teacher needs 157 containers of soap from Bath and Body.  Did you know that many teachers already have a candle collection to rival the Yankee Candle factory?  Also, some teachers do not actually like nor drink coffee, so a Starbucks gift card is not really their favorite.  So, what’s a parent with a heart in the right place to do?  Let me help you.


Edible Gifts

I can tell you for sure that the teacher does not really want nor need 5 pounds of candy.  Would you?  However, a sweet little treat like the donut here or the small snack stash below would be a nice surprise some morning.  Ditto for those little bundt cakes.  Those types of things are like a eat one and done deal and aren’t snacked on for days resulting in extra pounds and guilt.  Another great option if food is your thing, why not take the teacher lunch one day?  It can be a homemade dish or picked up from a local spot.  Teachers LOVE to have something different for lunch than they normally scarf down on their 30 minute break.  If bringing lunch does not fit your schedule, how about dropping by a ready-made dinner.  Wouldn’t you love to not cook one night?  So would your teacher. 🙂


From Smart School House


This idea is from the ladies at Eighteen25


Your Home Based Mom shares her salad recipe that’s been a hit.


Another secret about teachers…. they LOVE to get a drink at school.  A cup of coffee would be wonderful IF she likes coffee.  There’s even a fun, free printable below that you could use score bonus cute points.  Another awesome thing is a cold drink.  Seriously, a drink from Sonic is like liquid gold.  #trustmeonthis  On the other hand, why not send in a cute little cup with some Crystal Light pouches?  That would definitely be appreciated.  Bonus points if the cup gets personalized.

From Kinder Craze

From Lisa Storms

Office Supplies

Come closer, I’m going to let you in on a little secret.


Dare I say, ALL teachers?  If not, most teachers have like a secret addiction/love affair with office supplies.  Give them all the colorful markers and adorable note pads.  The Expo marker idea below is a super cute idea, and teachers would love Expos ~ if they’re colorful.  Black is  not the same.  Really, if you want to go with some sort of office supply type gift, allow me to suggest that you make sure it is either personalized or really pretty.  And, as an FYI, teachers do not want the type of supplies that say #1 teacher or anything of the like.  They already know they are a teacher and do not need the not so subtle reminder on a coffee mug or clipboard.  Go for pretty and glam if this type gift is talkin’ to you.


Found on Etsy

Monogram and color for the win on this clipboard.

This is a great idea from Crazy Little Projects.


Found at The Cute Kiwi

Monogram and colorful patterns on these note cubes make them a perfect gift.


Plants and Flowers

Found on Livingly

So, these plants are really adorable.  Some teachers would swoon over this.  However, those teachers who can’t keep a plant alive will have nothing but feelings of guilt for the pretty plant they will soon kill.  On the other hand, the flowers below are perfect.  Who doesn’t like to receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers?  And the ribbon and sweet note make this a double win.  Just think, if you would love looking at the flowers, she will too.  Seriously, every time I look at this picture I smile.  See?  Mission accomplished.

Found at Skip to My Lou


Pampering Gifts

Here is another brilliant idea.  At the end of the year, set the teacher up for some fun in the sun and relaxation.  She’s earned it, right?  This idea is a beach bag with a beach towel,  a fun magazine or two, and an insulated cup.  Add a little sunscreen and she’s all set for a day at the pool or the beach.  Bonus points for a sun hat.  Have you seen those hats with a big, floppy brim that says something like “vacay mode?”  I’m on the hunt for one of those. 🙂


Found on Kid Lit TV and Scholastic.com

You know what else teachers would love to receive?  A gift certificate for a little pampering.  A mani or pedi gift card would be amazing.  Or, perhaps a few people could go in together for  spa day, a facial, or a massage.   The flip side of that idea is a little homemade pampering.  How about a homemade salt or sugar scrub? A little pampering is always a good idea.

From Lolly Jane

Balancing Home offers this cute idea.

 The Best Gift of All

Finally, I’ve saved the best for last.  Any teacher at any school on any planet would love and appreciate a gift card.  No, they do not think that you gave it no thought.  They appreciate that they can go and get whatever they like.  These gifts are coveted at your local schools.  Bonus points if you present the gift card in a cute way like below.  Double bonus points if you get one to a store that you know she likes.  Some teachers really do like to shop at Wal-Mart and some prefer to shop at Nordstrom.  So, see if you can do a little investigating on that front.

Found at The 36th Avenue

In fact, I really love an Amazon gift card because is there anything on planet Earth that can’t be found on Amazon?  Let me make it easy for you..
Shop Amazon Gift Cards. Any Occasion. No Expiration.


I hope this round-up of ideas has been helpful to you.  Everyone loves to be remembered and appreciated for the job they do.  Teachers are no exception.  However, I’d like to say, that teachers are aware of each family’s situation.  If you are in a position where a gift would be a real stretch for your family, the teacher knows that and will understand.  Any small gesture truly is appreciated, especially when it’s heartfelt.  Sometimes the best gifts are really touching, handwritten notes of appreciation.  So, don’t misunderstand me.  It’s not all about the gift.  Still, if you would like to remember a teacher in your life, I’m just letting you in on what they would really like to get.

I’m so glad you stopped by today.  Don’t forget, to sign up for my email list here.  Also, comment below and share with us any awesome gifts you’ve given or received.  The more ideas we share with each other, the better.

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  1. Teachers definitely appreciate a candy bar or a gift card! I work at a low income school and rarely get gifts. However some of the best things I have received are letters from students telling me what a difference I made in their lives! Those are the things I’ve held onto over the years!

  2. I love it, so many fun ideas!

  3. Hi there! Great post! Im a teacher in the UK and we just love homemade gifts! I personally also love plants and wine… OOh and stationery…perhaps your post was spot on after all. Thank you for posting. #twinklytuesday

  4. Pinning! Totally inspiring!

    1. Author

      Wow! Who knew that teacher gifts could be exciting. 🙂 LOL! I’m glad you enjoyed it. So glad you visited.

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