Here’s What’s On His Wishlist

Here’s What’s On His Wishlist

Hi y’all.  If you’ve been following along, then you know I wrote here about some things that would make great gifts for all the ladies on your list.  However, let’s be honest, the men are the hardest to buy for.  Right?   The things they really want are either things they have to select on their own or they go out and buy them for themselves.  So, to help you out I’ve come up with a few ideas that might just help you with your shopping this season.  These are some fun things that are great wish list items and maybe some ideas you haven’t thought of before.  And bonus!  I’ve personally tested some of these out.  So, let’s get right to all the things on his wishlist.

Before we start, let me cover a few things.  If your man is a sports guy, then you already know the equipment he might want or need or his favorite team to support if you want to add to his fan-wear.  Therefore, I have not included any golf stuff, any NFL jerseys or coffee mugs.  I also stayed away from electronics – that’s just not in my wheel house ~ and tools for the same reason.  Chances are if those items are what he wants then you know exactly what to get.  I am going a little more out of the box for this list.  Also, if you click on the image, it should link you directly to that item.  See how I’m making your shopping easier?

Okay, first up, is Mr. LouseMarie’s new hobby.  He is a bourbon man and has decided to start aging his own in his own personalized oak barrel.  He’s been checking its color and keeping notes on it.  He’s even shared some with friends and has moved on to his second batch.  He thinks it’s fun, but I confess….I don’t get it.  No matter.  He loves it.  SO, if your guy is a bourbon fan, this might be a novel gift this year.  You could also try Man Crates.  They have a crate for the bourbon aficionado.

Along those same lines…apparently, these ice spheres are the way to go if you like it on the rocks.  Mr. LouiseMarie has a one that makes a single sphere.  This would be so much better to be able to make four at a time.  This would be a cool gift.  #seewhatIdidthere

If bourbon isn’t his thing – how about a beer club or wine club?  Or, maybe he’d like to try brewing his own craft beer or making wine.  There are kits for that too.  Another option would be to go with something like this for the wine lover.  Of course, they have similar chests for beer lovers or meat lovers or spice lovers.  You get the idea.

And one more quick kind-of hobby gift idea.  Mr. LouiseMarie had heard about this book and HAD to have it.  He ordered it and has LOVED it.  The fact that he ordered a a book is really saying something along with the fact that he actually reads and follows the instructions in this book.  If your guy likes to cook or grill, this is a MUST.

Techy Tools

Next, let’s jump to a new category.  Apparently, lots of men love having a smart home.  You know, where all your lights, thermostat, alarm, etc… can be monitored and managed through an app.  Well, here are a couple ideas if your guy is interested in the techy things.  How about a smart thermostat?  We have some smart lights, an alarm system, and now the camera doorbell.  For some of these things, you need the hub.


It’s hard to see this one below….but this is one of the hubs.  Now, I know nothing about electronics so I cannot advise you on what brand; however, you can easily find one that meets your needs.Keeping in the modes of all things techy…. a smart watch would make a great gift ~ especially if your guy also likes to track his activity.

Now, I have mixed feelings about this next idea…a universal remote.  Sometimes it’s great to be able to control all your entertainment components from one device.  However, sometimes learning a new system is complicated.  I can tell you that Mr.LouiseMarie loves all these kinds of things and this one looks kind of cool.  If nothing else, it’s a new toy for him.

Pamper Him

Moving right along, this next category is all about giving him a little luxury or pampering.  Men don’t often treat themselves to the nicer things.  They are content to use the same old Gillette shaving cream or whatever.  Why not treat him to something new?

One idea would be a subscription to a men’s Birch Box.  Have you heard of this beauty box subscription for women?   Well, they have a men’s side as well.  You can start for as low as $10 a month.  This would be a fun gift that keeps giving.  The reviews are excellent and they have several options to choose from.  I saw some familiar brands such as Jack Black and Kiehls.  I think any guy would enjoy this.


If you think that a box like that is too much for your guy, what about a shaving subscription?  Dollar Shave Club perhaps?  It has good reviews.  Or you could simply buy him a shaving kit from The Art of Shaving.  I hear lots of good things about this company.  You could even follow-up this kit with a gift certificate to go for a shave at one of their locations.

As for me, I LOVE my Ugg slippers.  It was an expensive (for slippers) splurge and I think they are worth every penny.  So, if I love them, I bet he would too.  These slippers are so cozy and fit so well.  I love wearing them around the house as soon as I get home from work.  Trust me, these are not your same old slippers.


So, this next idea may not be truly pampering…but how about a pair of nice sunglasses?  These are classics and are sure to be something he’d like.

Now, silly socks are a favorite with all my boys.  You could pick up some like these.
Or, what about a sock of the month subscription?  You can do a 6 month or 12 month subscription or you can go month to month here.   

Handy Stuff

While I don’t always enjoy a practical item as a gift, I think men are different.  I think they love things that they find useful or handy.  It’s a great gift if it’s something they use all the time.  I have heard that these Leatherman tools are a must for any guy.  If you don’t care about the brand, there are many similar tools that you could pick up as well.

This next item is cool.  I got it for Mr. LouiseMarie a couple of years ago.  It’s really more of a stocking stuffer to me because it’s small.  However, he thinks this is so cool.  Every time he has a project around the house that requires screws or nails, he has this on his wrist.  Trust me, grab this for your guy.  I know.  It’s not glamorous; however, he will love it.

Another handy gadget is a laser level.  This is another must-have tool if your guy is handy.  Another reason you might want to buy this for your guy is if you’d like him to tackle a project  like painting stripes on a wall or hanging a gallery wall where you need a steady straight line to work with.  To be totally honest, I have loved this gadget myself because I am the painter in our house. 🙂



I sure hope this list has helped to make your shopping easier this year.  Now, you can return the favor.  What are some great gift ideas you have for all the guys?  I am buying for four, so I need all the help I can get!  Happy Holidays friends!

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  1. You are spot on! My husband wants a nest (and has some of the other gadgets you have listed)!

  2. Jenny, how did you know I needed help in this department? With the time ticking away so quickly I can use all the help I can get! Thanks for sharing!

    Visiting from #ThoughtfulThursdays (on Friday!!! — that should tell you something!)
    Marva | SunSparkleShine

    1. Author

      Ha! Visiting on Friday means you’re ahead. I posted it on Friday! So glad the post could help you. I’ve had male approval on it for sure. 🙂 So glad you visited.

  3. I have gotten a few small gifts for my hubby already but I need a bigger one…I am just not sure of what it should be.

  4. Thanks for sharing these ideas – I like things that are a bit more than the typical tools, etc. I do think it’s cool that BirchBox has one for men.


  5. I have been needing some inspiration for gifts for the men in my life. This definitely gave me some ideas! Thanks for sharing on Inspiration Monday 🙂

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