What’s Up Wednesday – Some New Finds

What’s Up Wednesday – Some New Finds

Hey there friends!  We’ve made to the half way point in the week!  It’s now a downhill slide into the weekend.  So, what’s your week been like?  I went out to grab some fun things to “boo” my neighbor with for Halloween.  I ran into Home Goods (#favorite) and got totally side-tracked by all the Christmas stuff.  Honestly, the thought of decorating for the holidays makes me so excited.  How about you?  Anyway, today is not even remotely holiday related.  Today’s What’s Up Wednesday is all about some cool new finds that I thought I’d share with you.

First, let me begin by saying I am all about trying to fight signs of aging.  I do what I can to look my best.  This means I use good quality products on my skin.  I also believe whole heartedly that makeup is my friend. 🙂  On the other hand, I am not one of those people who spend a lot of time on it.  I know nothing really about how make up artists do their magic.  I would love to be one of those real housewives that have a professional come to apply makeup for special events.  My makeup routine generally means I’m winging it.

As I am sure you’ve seen and heard contouring is all the rage right now and has been for a while.  All the celebs use contouring to get their face camera ready.  However, it seems a little advanced as far as techniques go.  You know, one of those things I leave to the experts.  However I dipped my toe in just a little over the summer.  I have to admit I like the result.

Well, just recently, I stumbled upon a contouring miracle.  No I am not exaggerating.  These contouring sticks by Smashbox are the bomb-diggity.  They are easy to use, come with a guide so you know exactly where to apply, and blend like buttah.  Honestly, if you’ve ever wanted to try contouring, this is a no-brainer.  Three  come in a set, a dark for creating shadows, a bronzer, and a highighter.  I am really liking these!  I bought mine at Ulta.  They are $45 .  However, I found them here for $26.  I know where I’m getting them next time. #iloveadeal

Okay, my next cool find is a new (to me) brand of makeup.  Have you ever heard of Glossier?  I hadn’t.  However, while reading someone else’s blog,  I stumbled upon it.  So, I did a little research and decided to try it out.

So, they have lots of products, but I decided to try their cloud paint.  This is a gel color blush.  It is so easy to use and super blendable.  Normally I would not want to go with a cream or liquid blush.  It’s just way to easy to get too much and then hard to correct when you do.  Not this one though.  This one I just dot onto my cheeks and use one finger to blend.  The color is pretty and kind of dewy without having sparkle to it.  Check it out this video I found at Glossier.

Again, I have no relation to this company or product.  I’m just sharing a new product I found that I am loving.  Sharing is caring after all. 🙂

Up next, and on a completely different note… have you tried the new Apothic Inferno wine?  It is my new favorite.  If you like reds or if you like blends give this wine a try.  I picked mine up at World Market for about $12.    Seriously.  Go get some now.  Thank me later.

Alright sweet friends, I’m so glad you stopped by today.  So tell me, do you have any makeup products to recommend?  What’s your go-to wine?  I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.  And, as always, I’d love for you to join my email list here.  By joining, you are alerted with each new post.


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  1. Well, since you asked, I have been a Mary Kay makeup customer since 2005. I have always liked the way my skin feels after I finish my morning routine. I have been a raving fan since my doctor under-guessed my age by over a decade two years ago. Now I am a rabid fan since the male nurse who gave me my flu shot last month missed my age by 18 years. Honestly MK and the highest SPF you can find will be your BFFs forever. Even my sister accused me of getting “some work done” after she hadn’t seen me for 2 years. In addition to MK, I have an allergic reaction to the sun since my second child was born. I’ve been hiding under huge sun hats and long sleeves for 25 years. Once I missed getting sunscreen on the tops of my toes before a baseball game. My sandal-clad feet turned fire engine red and oozed and crusted for 3 days. I am not a brand-loyal customer to much of anything else. Ford? Chevy? I don’t care. Prego’s on sale this week, forget the Ragu, save me some money, honey. But, ask me to try a different face cleanser? You couldn’t pay me enough.

    I am, however, treating, I think it’s Hanes’, Just for Me jeans in the short-waisted cut (i.e., petite but women’s size) as my go-to brand if I need pants I don’t have to try on – just grab n go. Hoo-rah! Comfortable jeans that fit.

    And, finally, I don’t always get around to it, but I like the inner-eye eyeliner look. It’s where the black eyeliner goes between your lashes and the water line of your eyelids. With mascara, it makes your eyelashes look twice as long and thick.

    I love your blogs! Keep writing.

    Nancy Shugan

    1. Author

      Nancy, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with me! I used to use MK as well. Then a visit to my dermatologist and since then, I’ve bought my skincare there. However, after hearing you rave, I may have to give it another try. 🙂
      Yes, that eyeliner trick is one that I use every day. i like it so much better than the way I used to do it. Hmm…maybe with age comes wisdom?? Thanks so much for your kind words. I appreciate it more than I can say.

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