What’s Up Wednesday

What’s Up Wednesday

Hey there!  If you’re a frequent visitor, you have no doubt noticed that it’s been hit and miss on Wednesday posts.  I haven’t been able to find something I love EVERY week.  Well, a couple of the blogs I follow share a What’s Up Wednesday once a month.  I fully intend to link up with them later this month, but thought I’d try it out this week to see how we like it.   Make sure to let me know what you think!

What We’re Eating This Week

So far, it’s been a lot of salad and turkey.  HOWEVER, with temperatures finally cooling off I see soup in my future.  I love soup season!


What I’m Reminiscing About

Each Christmas season elves would visit our house and create havoc - known as Elfcapades.

These days I’m feeling nostalgic for the days when our elves visited.f  They were a Christmas fixture for several years and really added to the magic of the season.  Now that my boys are older, I am longing for those days.  If you want to know more about those days, I wrote about them here.


What I’m Loving

You might remember I talked about some makeup I just discovered here.  Well, I’ve been using Glossier’s Cloud Paint blush and their Boy Brow as well.  I truly do love them.  If you’re in the market to try something new or just want to find a new blush, I totally recommend this product.  And, if you use this link, you will save 10% on your order!



What We’ve Been Up To

This past weekend, I hosted my first Favorites Party.  It was so fun.  Prior to that I spent a lot of time preparing for the party and getting the house decorated.   Now that I’m finished, the house looks lovely.

Christmas Home Tour


What I’m Dreading

I am dreading my visit to the doctor next week where I have to climb on the scale. 🙁  Honestly.  Dreading.  I am mostly obsessive about my weight – weight gain, lack of weight loss, how to lose it, why can’t I lose it…you name it.  I fear it’s a character flaw.  ANYWAY, that’s what I’m dreading.  It’s the w-o-r-s-t.  #Imhonestanyway


What I’m Working On

Okay, this is exciting.  We’ve been in our home for two years now.  We have very tall ceilings (20 feet) in my living rom.  We haven’t had a mantle over the fireplace which has made for a very large expanse of wall.  I’ve gone back and forth trying to decide if I wanted a mantle.  Well, decision was made and mantle was built and shipped to our home this week.  SO, now, I am in the process of styling my new mantle.  Any tips for me?

What I’m Excited About

Son #2 graduates from Navy boot camp in 10 days.  I am more excited to see him than on any Christmas morning.  I am counting down the days.


What I’m Reading/Watching

I have finally discovered the Hallmark Christmas movies.  How have I missed them before now?  I want to watch one every night; however, the boys I live with are not on board with that.  Honestly, I know, they are cheesy and predictable.  No matter.  I love them!

What I'm Watching?  These Hallmark movies

What I’m Listening To

We recently got an Amazon Echo.  Did you know you can just tell Alexa to play Christmas music or Frank Sinatra or whatever?  It’s fantastic!  So, these days I’m alternating between holiday music and Steve Tyrell.

What I’m Wearing

Sweaters ~ finally!  The temps have dipped below 80 finally so I have pulled out the sweaters and boots.  These are one of my new favorites.

What I'm wearing?  these boots

What I’m Doing This Weekend

I’m not totally sure yet….I’m thinking about taking my niece and nephew to a gingerbread decorating class.  Doesn’t that sound like fun?  And, maybe Mr. LouseMarie will arrange a date night.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!


What's up this weekend?  gingerbread house decorating

What I’m Looking Forward to Next Month

Opening up my new planner.  I have tried a couple different planners the last few years and have been less than thrilled.  This year, I’m going back to my standard favorite from Plum Paper.  Is that weird that I’m excited about a planner?

What Else Is New

We are trying a family Advent thing this year.  We’ve never done this, but we’re planning to meet once a week with my parents and siblings and their assorted kids (if they’re old enough) to talk about the readings we’re doing each day for Advent.  I am hoping this will make this special season even more meaningful.  However, we’ve never even tried anything like this. SO, send some positive thoughts and prayers my way. 🙂


Until next time~




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